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Canada to Welcome 23,100 Sponsors for PGP 2022

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Canada in a recent announcement declared the application process for the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) 2022

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in PGP program will call for invitations to apply to 23,100 potential sponsors. The number is close enough to accomplish the goal of 15,000 applications under the PGP 2022.

In 2021, IRCC received around 30,000 applications from the pool under this program. However, IRCC mentions that there are 155,000 sponsors present in the pool. The sponsors also got three weeks to complete the interest to sponsor form on IRCC’s website. Thus, the country will hold a PGP draw from the autumn 2020 interest to sponsor pool.

What is the Eligibility to Qualify for the PGP 2022?

To qualify under PGP, the potential sponsor must;

  • Complete an interest to sponsor form on IRCC’s website
  • Be at least 18 years
  • live in Canada
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person registered in Canada under the Canadian IndianAct
  • have enough money to support the people
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Having sufficient money (Minimum Necessary Income) is an important eligibility factor under the Parent Grandparent Program (PGP) 2022. The potential sponsors are requested to analyze the size of the family to meet income criteria. The list includes all the persons for whom the potential sponsors will be liable;

  • The potential sponsor;
  • spouse;
  • dependent children;
  • spouse’s dependent children;
  • the parents, grandparents, and their dependents
  • dependent children who are not coming to Canada with their parents or grandparents;
  • their parent or grandparent’s spouse or partner, even if they don’t wish to come to Canada;
  • their parent or grandparents’ separated spouse.

The sponsors across Canadian provinces except for Quebec who are allowed to apply must need to submit Notices of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

About the Interested Sponsors Who live in Quebec

Canadians sponsoring their parents or grandparents living in Quebec need to evaluate their income by Quebec’s immigration ministry. IRCC and the Quebec Government will require an undertaking from the sponsors. The length of the undertaking will be 10 years.


Super Visa

Parents and grandparents of Canadians may also qualify for the Super Visa, which is valid for a very long time, say 10 years. The visa also allows the holders to remain in Canada as guests straight for 5 years.

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