Monthly Instalment Plans for Medical Insurance for Super Visa Applicants
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Monthly Instalment Plans for Medical Insurance for Super Visa Applicants

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Super Visa Applicants

Applicants for Super Visas now have new options for paying for their health insurance, according to an announcement from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). A Super Visa applicant must have private medical insurance that meets all of the following requirements:

  • It must include health care, hospitalization, and recovery;
  • It provides an emergency coverage of $100,000; and
  • The document is valid for a minimum of 1 year from the date of entry into Canada and can be reviewed at the border upon re-entry.

Previously, applicants could pay for insurance in monthly installments, but the IRCC declared in August that it would henceforth demand yearly upfront payments. For a 65-year-old, these payments average $1,500, although they may be more for older people. People who argued that it was financially onerous to demand payment ahead for an entire year objected to this change in policy. Additionally, fewer Super Visa applications were granted to deserving families because many felt it was punitive towards families that wanted to be reunited but could not afford to pay for the medical coverage upfront.

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IRCC said in December that it was changing its position and that applicants would once again be able to pay for insurance in monthly installments. According to a representative of the IRCC, the new rule was changed to reflect the value Canada places on reuniting families.

About Super Visa Program

The Super Visa is a temporary resident visa (TRV) that enables sponsored parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or PRs to visit their families. The visa lasts for up to five years at a time without any renewals. Additionally, the Visa is a multi-entry visa that allows reuniting with parents and grandparents multiple times for a period of up to 10 years. Moreover, the super visa is an alternative to the Parents and Grandparents Program, which offers permanent residence status.  

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Eligibility Requirements for the Super Visa

To stand eligible for a Super Visaa sponsor;

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (PR)
  • Must be in a good financial position
  • And, residing in Canada at the time of super visa application

Eligibility for the Individuals Coming to Canada is;

  • Must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Should apply for the super visa from outside Canada
  • Must have documents that prove the child or grandchild’s minimum income
  • Should prove parental relationship
  • Must have strong ties to their home country.
  • Must not be inadmissible to Canada
  • Must also prove through a letter signed by a child or grandchild

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