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Tips to Ace French as a Second Language

Joseph Creech



Tips to Ace French as a Second Language

French is one of the two official and most spoken languages of Canada. More than 20% of the Canadian population of the country communicates in this language. Canadian Province, Quebec has more than 95% of the residents speaking this language. Learning and adapting to this language will definitely help the newcomer familiarize themselves with the Francophone culture in the new country, socialize with the French-speaking Canadians, and even enable finding a new job. If you’re planning to move to Canada or are in the process and confused about where to start, here we will help you with a few tips to hone your French-learning skills.

1) Engage in the French Language and Culture

Engaging yourself in the French culture is the first step toward improving this language. Start by watching French television shows, listening to podcasts, and reading books and newspapers in French. This will not only train your listening skills but improve your accent and help you retain new vocabulary and idiom expressions. On the other hand, reading books is another fun way to get acquainted with sentence construction and a better understanding of the language.

2) Communicate with a Native French Speaker


Communicating with French speakers will advance your listening and speaking skills significantly as it helps trains the ear, and also assist one to understand how to use the language in daily life. It also offers one an opportunity to practice speaking the language. Usually, newcomers hesitate in speaking to native French speakers due to fear of making any mistakes. However, one shouldn’t get intimated and think of this as a chance to improve your skills and build confidence.

3) Express Yourself in French

This is an essential tip to converse into a language you know when first learning French is necessary, however, it is best to avoid it when you’ve reached the advanced level. Conversion creates a gap in language and literal translation will cause you to make more mistakes and sound unnatural. By talking directly in French, one can improve fluency and natural communication. We suggest to first pen down your thoughts on a paper, and then edit and review. This exercise will help you improve your skills drastically.

4) Review and Repeat


Reviewing what you have learned is most important than learning new material. Reviewing will help you reinforce what you knew and strengthen what you’re not sure of and assist you in the better articulation of thoughts. Also, going through the old language material will boost your confidence in how much you’ve learned and improved.







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