Immigrate to Canada as an International Educated Nurse in 2024
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The PASS Program – Immigrate to Canada as an International Educated Nurse in 2024

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Immigrate to Canada as an International Educated Nurse in 2024

Are you a nurse dreaming of a rewarding career in Canada? Your journey just got smoother and quicker, thanks to the Pre-Arrival Supports and Services (PASS) program. This initiative, spearheaded by the CARE Centre for Nurses in Canada, is revolutionizing the immigration process for nurses worldwide.

In its latest annual report, the CARE Centre revealed staggering numbers: Over 1,425 internationally-educated nurses from 90 countries have benefitted from the PASS program since January 2016. Among them, 205 nurses joined the program between April 2022 and March 2023 alone, accessing invaluable online resources.

Key Highlights of the PASS Program

So, what makes the PASS program a game-changer for nurses in Canada? It’s all about streamlining the transition from arrival to professional registration and employment. Nurses hailing from countries like the Philippines, India, Nigeria, and the United States find this program especially beneficial.

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Free Pre-Arrival Services

The PASS program isn’t just about paperwork; it’s a comprehensive support system. From informative webinars to specialized modules on indigenous health, CARE Centre ensures that nurses are equipped with the knowledge they need even before setting foot in Canada. And the best part? It’s completely free to enroll in PASS, provided you meet the eligibility criteria of graduation from a nursing school and confirmation of permanent residency status from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Recruitment and Retention of IENs

CARE Centre doesn’t stop at pre-arrival support. Their Workplace Integration Program (WIP) extends a helping hand to employers, facilitating the recruitment and retention of internationally-educated nurses. Ruth Wojtiuk, the organization’s professional practice lead, emphasizes the importance of retention in addressing Canada’s nursing shortage.

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Speaking of which, let’s address the elephant in the room: the nursing shortage. With projections indicating a shortfall of 117,600 nurses by 2030, Canada is actively seeking solutions. Recognizing the pivotal role of internationally-educated nurses, the federal government has earmarked $86 million for projects aimed at easing credential recognition and integration into the workforce.

These projects aim to break down barriers, offering support in various forms, from simplifying credential recognition processes to providing wrap-around services like childcare and transportation. The goal? To not only attract new healthcare workers but also to retain the talent already within Canada’s borders.

The impact of these initiatives extends beyond numbers and statistics. They represent a commitment to excellence in healthcare, ensuring that every nurse—regardless of origin—has the opportunity to thrive in Canada. By investing in programs like PASS, they are not just filling vacancies; but rather building a stronger, more inclusive healthcare system for future generations.

A Brighter Future for Nursing in Canada

If you’re a nurse with dreams of practicing in Canada, the PASS program is your gateway to success. Take advantage of this opportunity to fast-track your career and make a difference in the lives of countless Canadians. With CARE Centre by your side, the journey from aspiration to achievement has never been smoother. Join the ranks of internationally-educated nurses making their mark in Canada today.


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