Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Newcomers
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Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

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Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

While planning your move to Canada, selecting a province or territory to settle in is a very important decision. In addition to evaluating the quality of life and cost of living in numerous Canadian provinces, most newcomers take note of all the in-demand jobs in Canada. Here, we will highlight all the in-demand jobs in various provinces and territories to help you make an informed decision.

In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

Currently, Canada is facing a labour shortage in most of the provinces, owing to the country’s aging population and low population growth. The federal government of Canada depends upon immigration to strengthen the economic growth of the country. Many Canadian provinces and territories issue a list of in-demand jobs based on their labour market requirements. If the applicant’s skill set matches the ones a particular province is looking for, they will have a fair chance of being shortlisted by the province. However, each Canadian province’s economic and industrial position is different, there are a few industries that are in dire need of skilled workers which include:

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Healthcare and social sectors

The Canadian healthcare sector is in dire need of skilled labour. Many provinces are looking for competent physicians, listed nurses, and health care professionals to fill in skills gaps. There are a lot of job opportunities for teachers and professors at all levels, as well as for social workers.



If you’ve experience working in manufacturing and looking for a job then Canada’s manufacturing sector openings in nearly every industry, including agri-processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, plastics, meat-packing, and wood processing.

Information Technology (IT)

Canada’s IT sector is one of the booming sectors and planning to create jobs in software engineering, web design, development, artificial intelligence, and to name a few.

Services sector


Most provinces’ services sector is the largest contributor to the Canadian economy. This sector offers opportunities in various fields, including managerial positions such as finance, HR, and marketing, as well as many roles in administration, sales, retail, hospitality, accounting, and more.

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The Canadian construction industry has been developing at a massive pace. From construction managers to skilled labour like carpenters, and electrical workers, this sector is also in need of skilled labour at every level.



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