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Canada’s International Mobility Program – Securing Work Permits Without LMIA in 2024

Austin Campbell



Canada's International Mobility Program

Canada’s International Mobility Program (IMP) stands as a pathway of opportunity, bridging borders to facilitate the seamless exchange of global talent. At its core, the IMP empowers Canadian businesses to tap into a diverse pool of international expertise without the constraints of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). In essence, the IMP serves as proof of Canada’s vision to foster economic growth, cultural enrichment, and global collaboration.

Unlike the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which targets specific labor shortages, the IMP casts a wider net, including a multitude of work permit categories to meet the evolving needs of Canadian industries.

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Objectives Driving the IMP

The International Mobility Program (IMP) serves as a pivotal platform for Canada to enhance its global standing and socio-economic vitality through several key avenues.

  • Firstly, by attracting a diverse pool of skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators, the IMP contributes significantly to enhancing Canada’s competitive advantage across various sectors.
  • Secondly, through strategic mobility initiatives, the IMP facilitates the cultivation of robust international relationships, fostering invaluable partnerships, knowledge exchange, and synergistic socio-economic collaborations.
  • Lastly, the program plays a crucial role in promoting cultural diversity within Canada by welcoming international students and workers
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Streams of the International Mobility Program

Diving deeper, let’s explore the various streams that constitute the fabric of the IMP, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of employers and aspiring immigrants alike.

Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Facilitating expedited Canada work permits for high-demand fields like technology and engineering, the GTS addresses critical skills shortages and fuels innovation.


International Experience Canada (IEC)

Offering avenues for young adults to gain Canadian work experience through working holidays, internships, and co-op placements.

Bridging Open Work Permit

Designed for individuals with pending permanent residency applications, this stream provides continuity in employment.

Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWPs)

Empowering international students to gain valuable work experience in Canada post-education.

Significant Benefit Work Permits

Issued to individuals whose presence in Canada brings substantial economic, social, or cultural benefits.

Intra-Company Transfers (ICT)

Facilitating the transfer of key personnel and expertise within multinational corporations.


International Free Trade Agreements

Leveraging trade agreements to provide work opportunities for citizens of partner countries.

Positive Impacts and Challenges of the International Mobility Program (IMP)

The International Mobility Program (IMP) is an essential tool for addressing skills gaps in Canada’s workforce by attracting highly skilled professionals from around the world. This influx of talent helps fill critical labor shortages, driving business growth and making various industries more competitive.

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Positive Impacts of the IMP

Here are some ways in which the IMP brings positive impacts:

  1. Addressing Skills Gaps: The IMP helps bridge gaps in specialized skills by allowing Canadian employers to hire foreign workers when qualified Canadians are not available.
  2. Supporting Start-Up Ecosystem: Initiatives like the Start-Up Visa Program under the IMP encourage entrepreneurship by providing support and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch innovative ventures.
  3. Promoting Research and Development: The IMP attracts international researchers and academics, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange that contribute to research and development initiatives in Canada.
  4. Enriching Cultural Diversity: By attracting international workers, the IMP promotes diversity and inclusion within Canadian workplaces and communities.
  5. Strengthening Global Connections: Through international exchanges and partnerships facilitated by the program, Canada builds valuable relationships with other nations, enhancing its reputation on the global stage.

Challenges Faced by the IMP

While the IMP brings many benefits, it also faces certain challenges:

  1. Ensuring Fair Wages and Labor Standards: The IMP focuses on maintaining fair wages and labor standards for both domestic and foreign workers, ensuring that overseas workers are employed under terms consistent with Canadian market laws.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory compliance is a key priority within the IMP framework, with measures in place to uphold program integrity.
  3. Promoting Social Inclusion: Social inclusion is promoted through the provision of settlement services and community involvement initiatives aimed at supporting immigrant integration.
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Future Trends and Policy Considerations

As Canada looks to the future, there are several emerging trends and policy considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure the continued success of the IMP:

  1. Digital Nomad Visa and Remote Work: Embracing technology to attract remote workers and creating regulatory frameworks that support flexible work arrangements.
  2. Skill Mobility and Lifelong Learning: Enhancing skills portability and developing strategies tailored to specific sectors to meet evolving market demands.
  3. Social Inclusion and Diversity: Strengthening diversity initiatives and promoting cultural competency to foster inclusive workplaces and communities.

A Closer Look at Canada’s Global Vision

Canada’s International Mobility Program is a gateway to harnessing global talent, fostering innovation, and promoting inclusivity. As we navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world, strategic foresight, collaboration, and adaptability will be key to unlocking the full potential of international mobility for the benefit of all.

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