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Montreal is a busy and bustling city in Canada that will set you on the path of a great life. The second-largest French-speaking city in the entire world, the cosmopolitan nature of Montreal makes it perfect for immigrants who want the urban experience.


Set on an island, the city provides a lot of entertainment opportunities and has a thriving nightlife. If you love nature and outdoor adventures, then Montreal is the place for you. However, you must remember that Montreal has very cold winters, which can be a problem if you are from warmer regions. The temperatures can even fall below -10 degrees. Located on the top of miles of passageways placed beneath the city, Montreal offers unique protection to its residents. The modern tunnels have heaters and air conditioners installed inside them. They are connected to the apartments, business districts, and stores located above the ground. As a result, the residents do not have to face the wrath of drastic weather changes.

Montreal is a great place for you if you are fluent in French. More than 58% of the locals speak French, which makes it the native tongue. If you are a job seeker or if you want to establish a family in Montreal, you must take the time to learn French. The city offers the lowest cost of living in Canada as compared to other major cities. Multiethnic culture creates a diverse and progressive environment for everybody.


Job opportunities:

The residents of Montreal are ambitious and want to succeed in life. As an immigrant, you will have to compete for jobs and earn them through your skills. A busy city in general, Montreal has a very busy port that allows businesses to flourish. The largest inland port across the world, Montreal sees the transport of grain, petroleum, sugar, and other consumer goods each day. As a result, many immigrants are able to secure satisfactory jobs in exports, international trade, and shipments.

Moreover, Montreal is also a great place to be in if you want to work in the international video game industry. Many global brands, such as EA Games and Ubisoft, have chosen to work out of Montreal. If you have heard of the “Sims” franchise or the “Need for Speed” games, you might be tempted to visit Montreal because the latest versions of such games are created there.


When choosing a neighborhood in Montreal, you should take into account your fluency in French. The city has a fair share of neighborhoods that are predominantly French, but you will also find neighborhoods that mostly have English-speaking residents. For example, Hampstead and Westmount have more English residents, while Rosemont is predominantly French. However, most people are bilingual, which means that they can speak both English and French without any problem. If you have newly settled down, you should look into renting a place.



McGill University in Montreal attracts students from all over the world. The most popular courses are medicine, art, and dentistry.

Pros and cons:

In case you want to evaluate the pros and cons of moving to Montreal, we have listed them out for you.



  • The rent prices of the house are in an affordable range, and you will not have to splurge a fortune.
  • The public transport system in the city is great, and you will not have to buy your own car.
  • You will find that the city is immigrant-friendly and you will not have a hard time adjusting to your new life.
  • Under the Regie de l’Assurance Maladie du Quebec, immigrants can get quality healthcare after a waiting period of three months.


  • You may not find a lot of English-speaking schools in this city.
  • You must be fluent in French if you want to get excellent job opportunities and rise through the ranks.
  • The winters can be cold and uncomfortable.

There is absolutely no doubt that Montreal is a great city for starting a new life, but you should consider your personal preferences before making a decision.

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