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Located in the province of Alberta in Canada, Calgary is among the best cities in the world to live in. You can find it towards the east of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is a vibrant city, and you will have wonderful new experiences. The economy of this busy city is booming at the moment. The most important industries in the city would be the energy sector, film and television, transportation, and financial services. Calgary is known to provide innumerable opportunities to immigrant workers who are skilled in their profession.

Historically speaking, Calgary was the first city in Canada to host the Winter Olympic Games back in 1988. While the Olympics that year became very expensive, Calgary has since enjoyed its status as a tourist city. Travelers come to Calgary to discover more about the city, while immigrants and working professionals feel like they would be at home in Calgary’s wonderfully inclusive lifestyle. Calgary has the third-highest concentration of immigrants in the country which speaks for its diversity. Housing more than 200 different ethnic origins, Calgary represents today’s modern world.


Calgary also has very warm winters, which happens to be one of the top attractions of the city. The temperatures in Calgary do not drop below -3 degrees in winter. On the warmer days, you will find the tempered to be somewhat around 27 degrees. If you like a cheerful, sunny environment, then Calgary is the place to visit because it has 332 days of sunshine in one year.

Job Opportunities:


Alberta has one of the strongest job markets in Canada. Automatically, Calgary’s growth has accelerated over the years, with the presence of many oil and gas-related companies. Corporations such as Shell Canada, BP Canada, and Husky Energy have adopted Calgary as a worthy business location. Tourism and agriculture are also flourishing industries in an economy that is improving by the day.

Health Care:

The people of Calgary get free healthcare under The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Places to visit:

The Canada Olympic Park is a popular tourist spot, as is the Heritage Park.


Residential Development:

Calgary has become an immigrant hub which has triggered the need for infrastructural development. There has been significant suburban development in the past few years as more and more immigrants are choosing to settle down in Alberta If you manage to find a place in the suburbs of the North West or the South West, you might wake up to the sight of the Rockies. Neighborhoods like Tuscany, Country Hills, and Rosedale towards the North West are perfect for families.

Public transport:

Calgary has a strong network of public transport, and you should not have any problem in moving from one place to another. You can take a bus or a train to your destination, or you can let your athletic side show by using the paths meant for cyclists and runners. The system is punctual and foolproof which means that you do not necessarily need a car.



The University of Calgary is undoubtedly one of the top universities in the province of Alberta. It has built its reputation as a modern and advanced learning institution. It attracts many international students every year, and the university embraces diversity as a part of its culture. Considered to the 6th biggest research school in the entire country, the university offers its students the opportunity to study medicine, law, and science under excellent professors and lecturers. Another popular school in Calgary which takes in relatively small batches is the Mount Royal University. The school attends to each individual student. It offers courses in social studies, arts, and mass communication, making it a popular choice for international students.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

When you are moving to a new city, you must consider the pros and cons.


  • Calgary is located at a short distance from the popular Rockies.
  • The job market in Calgary is solid, and you will enjoy the professional environment.
  • The winters are not unbearably cold and are even warm sometimes.
  • The city hosts some of the top universities in the country.


  • The housing in Calgary is on the more expensive side, especially in certain areas.
  • You will have a short summer.

If Calgary sounds like your kind of a place, then pack your bags!

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