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Manitoba is not the most popular Canadian province, and that is not a surprise. In fact, you must have heard of Manitoba through motion films. The representation of Manitoba on the virtual screen has given it the strange title of the ‘Slurpee Capital of the World’, but rest assured that Manitoba is quite delightful a place otherwise too. The province boasts of wildlife wonders and outdoor beauty, and the capital city, Winnipeg is a great place for immigrants.

You will find Manitoba in central Canada. It is among Canada’s three Prairie Provinces. You will find more than 10,00,000 people living in Manitoba. The capital city, Winnipeg, alone has more than 780,000 people. With the presence of over 100, 000 lakes and waterways, Manitoba will give you a much-needed taste of nature. The province also provides low cost of housing making it immigrant-friendly.

Job opportunities:

Manitoba has a solid economy, and you will make a place for yourself easily if you have sufficient skills. Manitoba pays special attention to its reserve of natural resources, and that is a major advantage. The most successful industries in Manitoba are mining, agriculture, farming, and manufacturing. Manitoba is the country’s leading producer of sunflower seeds and dry beans. It also leads the board in the supply of potatoes. Giant commercial chains like Wendy’s and McDonald’s get their supply of potatoes from Manitoba.  It is expected that the economy in Manitoba will grow further in the upcoming years leading to more job opportunities. The Government of Manitoba creates a large number of projects which hire migrants who want to settle in the region and make a life for themselves.



As a country, Canada is highly progressive when it comes to education. The standard is high, and the residents of Canada do not have to settle for anything less than great. Altogether, you will find five colleges in Manitoba which are administered by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Literacy. Winnipeg hosts 4 of these colleges, namely the University of Manitoba, Université de Saint-Boniface, the University of Winnipeg, and the Canadian Mennonite University. The Université de Saint-Boniface came into existence back in 1818. After collaborating with the University of Manitoba, it has become one of the best colleges in Western Canada. You can also take a look at Brandon University, which is located in Brandon.


If you love sunny weather, then Manitoba is the place of your dreams. You will get clear skies throughout the year. However, you should remember that the flat landscapes of Manitoba expose it to the cold. The maximum temperature in summer is around 26°C while the temperature can drop till -23°C in winter. The climate is overall very enjoyable but you might have to adjust a bit if you have just moved to Manitoba.


Manitoba will charm you with its extensive celebrations, and you will enjoy a large number of festivals throughout the year. The people of Manitoba find delightful reasons to celebrate, and the community is very friendly. By attending the popular events and festivals each year, you will become familiar with people of the province and begin to understand their lifestyle. The Festival du Voyageur takes place over a period of ten days, and it celebrates the fur trading history of Canada. The festival is both educational and entertaining at the same time. Feel free to interact with the people. The Winnipeg Wine Festival also brings in people from all over the country. The public is given the opportunity to sample more than 515 wines from different wineries. It is one of the most respected festivals in Canada. The Folklorama Festival is a multi-cultural festival where visitors can interact with different cultures. They can taste ethnic food, discover traditional costumes, and have intuitive fun. About a million guests attend the Folklorama every year.



If you want to live in a place that offers you both natural beauty and sophistication, then you should head over to Manitoba because it will leave you captivated. You might find yourself on an adventure that you never even anticipated.

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