Canada Ranked as the Ultimate Destination for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in 2023
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Canada Ranked as the Ultimate Destination for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in 2023

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs in 2023

According to the latest OECD report, among 24 nations including the US, France, UK, Sweden, and Australia, Canada stands out as the preferred choice for immigrant entrepreneurs. This recognition reflects Canada’s allure for international business starters, with other countries also aiming to attract foreign innovators for job creation, investment, and economic growth.

OECD’s Immigration Attractiveness Rankings for Entrepreneurs

The OECD has a way of measuring how appealing a country is to talented people from other places. They look at things like general factors and specific rules for letting in people who want to start businesses in those countries. The measuring system has seven crucial parts, including things like how big the market is, how easy it is to get money, and how well-connected the country is digitally.

The ranking system revealed that Canada did really well in most areas, landing in the top 25% for almost everything except one thing related to skills. Canada and Australia are the only countries that let successful startup visa applicants become permanent residents right away. This system shows that Canada is really good at innovation and starting businesses, which is why it’s always a popular choice for people who want to start new companies.

What Attracts Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Canada?

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, Canada has firmly established itself as the top spot for immigrant entrepreneurs in 2023. Here’s why Canada shines as the ultimate destination for ambitious business starters:

Dynamic Economy

Canada boasts a resilient economy with steady GDP growth and a strategic focus on innovation-driven sectors.


Immigrant-Friendly Policies

Canada’s Express Entry system accelerates immigration for skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The Start-up Visa Program further aids immigrant entrepreneurs in launching and expanding their businesses.

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Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal offer robust startup ecosystems filled with resources, mentorship, and collaborative spaces, fostering innovation and networking.

Government Support

Canada’s government extends support through research and development tax credits, innovation grants, and favorable tax regulations, lessening the financial burden on startups.

Cultural Diversity:

Canada’s multicultural environment not only enriches business collaborations but also opens gateways to global markets, aided by strong international trade relationships.


Research and Innovation Infrastructure

Immigrant entrepreneurs benefit from access to top universities, research centers, and innovation clusters that encourage breakthrough discoveries.

Environmental Focus

Canada’s commitment to sustainability, clean energy initiatives, and green technologies offers an ideal platform for environmentally conscious businesses.

Work-Life Balance

Canada’s emphasis on work-life balance and efficient work structures lets entrepreneurs manage businesses effectively while enjoying personal time.

Future Prospects

As immigrant entrepreneurs seek promising destinations, Canada’s thriving economy, progressive policies, and exceptional quality of life position it as a prime hub for business success.

Navigating Entrepreneurial Immigration Pathways in Canada

For those seeking a fresh start in the world of business, Canada presents a range of immigration avenues tailored for entrepreneurs, investors, and the self-employed. Some prominent options are:


Fostering innovation, the 24 OECD nations endorse strategies like nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems, fueling research, and ensuring access to funding and skilled talent. Canada, the ‘Great White North,’ clinches the top spot for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in 2023. With a thriving business environment and supportive policies, Canada’s entrepreneur immigration program becomes the springboard for ambitious candidates to reach new heights.



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