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Canada’s Tech Revolution: Attracting 32,000 Global Tech Workers in a Year

Robert Cannon



Global Tech Workers

In a world defined by technological progress, amidst technological progress, Canada emerges as a haven for 32,000 new global tech workers in a year.  This achievement solidifies Canada’s status as the ultimate choice for international tech professionals.

Between April 2022 and March 2023, Canada saw an influx of over 32,000 global tech industry professionals, drawn by the nation’s vibrant opportunities. A comprehensive report by The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and Canada’s Tech Network (CTN) delves into key insights, shedding light on preferred destinations for tech workers and the thriving tech landscape.

Insights from TECNA and CTN Report

TECNA and CTN’s recent report unveils Canada’s tech influx key drivers: immigration-friendly policies and cost advantages. Remote work’s rise during the pandemic shifted talent away from traditional hubs. Notable in-migration from India, Nigeria, and Brazil and U.S. tech investments add to growth. Even smaller regions like Saskatchewan and Windsor thrive. Sought-after skills include Customer Experience, Microsoft Azure, Data Science, and more, benefiting global tech talents eyeing Canada.

Canada’s Top Tech Hubs: Mississauga, Montreal, and Waterloo

Canada’s standout tech cities are Mississauga, Montreal, and Waterloo. Here’s a glimpse of what sets each city apart:


Home to nearly 1,000 IT companies, it’s part of North America’s second-largest ICT cluster, housing over 300,000 tech professionals. Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM thrive here, backed by initiatives like MITAP supporting local innovation.

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A 31% tech ecosystem growth from 2015 to 2020, a hub for AI and IT with global giants like Google and Microsoft. Gaming studios like Ubisoft, coupled with 18,000 tech students and events like Startup fest, make it a powerhouse.


1,570+ tech-related businesses, a top 20 global start-up ecosystem with universities like the University of Waterloo fueling talent. High quality of life and venture capital investments enhance its tech allure.

Canada’s Drive to Attract Global Tech Talent

Canada is proactively enticing global tech talent through its Tech Talent Strategy and category-based Express Entry draws. These initiatives are set to bolster the tech sector’s growth by attracting skilled tech professionals nationwide.

Canada’s Tech Surge: Drivers and Impact

Canada’s tech growth goes beyond numbers, reflecting its commitment to innovation and global talent attraction. Three key drivers fuel this surge:

  • Inclusive Immigration Policies: Canada’s Global Skills Strategy (GSS) and Express Entry program expedites work permits and residency for skilled tech professionals, fostering growth.
  • Thriving Tech Hubs: Urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are vibrant tech ecosystems with startups, multinationals, and research institutions, rivaling Silicon Valley.
  • Quality of Life: Canada’s diverse, inclusive society and exceptional quality of life, supported by robust healthcare and education systems, lure tech talent.
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Networking and community engagement amplify this growth, fostering collaboration and innovation within Canada’s tech landscape.

Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy & Express Entry Draws

Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy, led by the Government, aims to boost global tech talent recruitment by:

  • Creating an Innovation Stream in the International Mobility Program
  • Showcasing Canada to digital nomads
  • Simplifying work permits for US H-1B visa holders
  • Enhancing programs for high-skill tech roles

Additionally, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) initiated category-based Express Entry draws to attract STEM professionals. The first draw occurred on July 5th, 2023, inviting 500 candidates with a CRS score of 486 to apply for permanent residence, aligning with Canada’s focus on tech talent influx.

In closing, the influx of 32,000 new global tech workers to Canada within a single year goes beyond mere statistics. It serves as a testament to the nation’s dedication to nurturing innovation, promoting diversity, and empowering tech professionals, all contributing to the creation of a promising and dynamic future.



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