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Know About the Intra-Company Transfer Program (ICT) in Canada

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Intra-Company Transfer Program

Multinational organizations that have parent, branch, auxiliary, or member organizations in Canada might be qualified to send workers to Canada through an Intra-Company Transfer (ICT). This is one of the ways through which the country provides foreign nationals to work in Canada to get a work permit. Thus, ICT is a program for individuals who get temporarily transferred to Canada’s branch, parent company, subsidiary, or affiliate of their foreign employer.

ICT work permits are valid for three years and feasible to renew for five years for specialized knowledge holders and seven years for executives and senior managers.

Requirements of the ICT program

Some of a few important requirements for the following program include:

  • The process to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is expensive and tedious, therefore, work permits under this program are exempted. 
  • The category of foreign national’s work in Canada must fall either into managerial, executive or possessing specialized knowledge. To qualify under the nature of specialized knowledge, employees must hold knowledge of services, processes, and businesses at an advanced level.
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ICT Eligibility Criteria for Employees

Workers might be qualified to apply for an ICT work permit assuming that they meet specific measures:

  • They should be an employee in a foreign multi-national organization looking to t/f foreign nationals to Canada.
  • Employees should be moved to a designation of an executive, senior director, or a specific knowledge limit.
  • Must sign an undertaking for a legitimate and continuing establishment of the company in Canada.
  • They should plan to remain in Canada briefly and agree with all the immigration requirements for temporary entry
  • Have been working full-time for no less than one year out of the last three.

Exceptions to the Last Requirement Are:

  • If the employee worked part-time rather than full-time for the foreign MNC, IRCC might think about considering other factors.
  • If there is a recent organization merger related to the foreign MNC, it is not required for the employee to have worked for the company for a year.
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ICT Eligibility Criteria for Companies

An organization is simply qualified to access ICT work permits if they are working in Canada. Besides this, the ICT program mentions the following eligibility criteria;

  • The foreign MNC must have a parent company, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate association with a Canadian organization
  • The company must be working in Canada rather than simply having a physical location in Canada
  • The Canadian company and the foreign MNC must be providing goods and services during business hours.

ICT Eligibility Criteria for Start-Ups

ICT work permits for start-up companies are offered to companies that are empowered to get established in Canada. To qualify, check out the following eligibility criteria to get a work permit for start-ups;

  • They should be financially ready to begin and keep up with the start-up costs along with paying workers.
  • A start-up should have the option to prepare a plan to staff its new activities and operations in Canada.
  • They should confirm or provide evidence of a physical location.
  • The organization needs to show that it is sufficiently large to support the management in Canada.
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