Ontario's PNP Draws: Inviting 608 International Graduates for a Bright Future
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Ontario’s PNP Draws: Inviting 608 International Graduates for a Bright Future

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Ontario's PNP Draws Inviting 608 International Graduates for a Bright Future

Ontario extends its warm embrace to 608 international graduates through its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). On the 19th of September, 2023, Ontario’s PNP draws invited potential candidates from its Master’s Graduate and Ph.D. Graduate streams. This event marked a significant milestone in the lives of aspiring immigrants, as a multitude of candidates received coveted invitations to apply for provincial nomination.

Ontario’s PNP Draws: A Gateway to Success

International graduates are on a quest for new opportunities and a platform to catapult their careers and dreams. Ontario, renowned for its rich diversity and thriving job market, stands tall as a prime destination for individuals aiming to make a significant impact in Canada. The recent back-to-back draws became a cause of celebration as a significant number of international graduates were invited to apply for provincial nomination.

Here’s a breakdown of the draws:

Draw 1: Masters Graduate Stream

In the first draw, Ontario PNP invited a total of 537 international graduates to apply for provincial nomination. To qualify, students are required to have a CRS score in the range of 41 and above. This general draw marked the beginning of an exciting journey for many, offering them the chance to secure their future in Ontario.

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Draw 2: Ph.D. Graduate Stream


Following the success of the first draw, Ontario PNP wasted no time in extending another 71 invitations to international graduates. In this general draw, candidates are required to score in the range of 40 and above.

In 2023, Ontario issued a total of 4,683 invitations under the Masters Graduate Stream and 420 invitations under the Ph.D. Graduate Stream.

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What If You’re Invited?

Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is a significant milestone. But it doesn’t guarantee qualification. If you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation and meet the stream’s specified criteria, ensure making online application within a 14-day window.

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The Ontario PNP Advantage

The OINP is one of Canada’s most popular provincial nominee programs, allowing Ontario to nominate individuals who have the skills and qualifications needed to contribute to the province’s economic growth and development. The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) garners preeminent choice amongst international students. Herein lie some key merits:


Exclusive for Graduates: Ontario PNP has a dedicated stream for international graduates, offering a tailored path for those who studied in the province.

Regular Draws: The program conducts frequent draws, ensuring ongoing opportunities for eligible candidates.

Express Entry Link: It’s closely connected to the federal Express Entry system, increasing chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

No Job Offer Needed: Unlike some programs, Ontario PNP doesn’t require a job offer, providing flexibility in career choices.

Why These Draws Matter?

These draws underscore Ontario’s dedication to attracting and retaining talented individuals from all corners of the world. This not only strengthens the province’s workforce but also fosters economic growth. Given the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s consecutive streak of invitation rounds in 2023, the current period unquestionably emerges as a fortuitous occasion to consider Ontario as your potential place.



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