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Know How to Ace the IELTS Speaking Test

Austin Campbell



IELTS speaking test

Immigrants, your ability to speak English fluently will be evaluated by the IELTS Academic Speaking test. All Speaking tests are recorded and are given face-to-face with an IELTS examiner. The Academic Speaking test consists of three sections and lasts 11 to 15 minutes.

Read the blog thoroughly to understand the three components and the assessment criteria of the IELTS Speaking test.

IELTS Speaking Test – 1st Part

The test’s opening section is meant to relax you. The examiner will begin by requesting information about your job, studies, hometown, or country of origin. General inquiries will then be asked in response. For example; questions related to hobbies, pets, the weather, holidays, sport, music, etc.

IELTS Speaking Test – 2nd  Part

This section focuses on your capacity for lengthy discourse on a certain subject, simulating a presentation at work or school. When requested to describe something or share an experience, you will be given a topic card; however, many of the themes combine the two. Additionally, you get a minute to prepare your speech. Make notes about the points on the card during this period. It will make your response more cohesive if you organize it in the same order as the card’s points.

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IELTS Speaking Test – 3rd  Part

Your ability to articulate and defend your viewpoints as well as to evaluate, talk about, and speculatively approach a range of topics will be tested in this section. The topics will be linked to Pat 2 only. The questions will be more general and similar to types of discussions at university or at jobs.


Assessment Criteria – What are the IELTS Examiners Looking For?

The speaking section is used to assess your use of spoken English. Examiners will assess you or score you from 0-9 in the following areas;

  • Your capacity to respond to a variety of queries while expressing ideas and knowledge about common issues, as well as common experiences and circumstances.
  • your ability to speak at length on a given topic using appropriate language and organizing ideas coherently;
  • your ability to express and justify opinions and to analyze, discuss and speculate about issues.