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Express Entry Draws to Target Occupations in 2023 in Canada

Isabel Rice



Express Entry Draws

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will begin holding Express Entry draws in 2023 using newly established authorities. The new express entry draws will invite candidates based on specific attributes rather than CRS scores.

On June 23, the projected improvements to Express Entry were made possible by Bill C-19, which was approved by both houses of government. The Bill gives the immigration minister the power to extend invitations to applicants who possess any desirable skills or qualifications.

According to Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, the country will be able to choose immigrants who are suited for economic success, only with the help of the changes made to Express Entry. The minister also noted that, despite Express Entry already giving Canada a competitive edge, there will always be room for development. In response, IRCC asserts that the Bill will enable Canada to choose Express Entry applicants by a new standard that would promote a ministerial-identified economic objective.

Who Will Receive Invitations to Apply (ITAs)?

There is no confirmation to date on which candidates would receive invitations to apply (ITAs) in targeted draws. However, the minister’s new authority will choose which Express Entry applicants to invite based on the most urgent economic requirements and labour shortages. For instance, one of the most urgent job categories is considered to be healthcare. The sector’s overall unemployment rate in October was 6%. The government has responded by taking action to fill positions in the industry. They are aiming to fill the gaps in labour shortages by targeting candidates through Future Express Entry draws.

Why is the System Changing?

Canada is currently experiencing a labour shortage due to an aging population and a low birth rate. It is anticipated that nine million have reached retirement age by 2030 leaving a large number of vacant positions behind.


The immigration levels plan 2023–2025 aims to admit up to 500,000 new permanent residents annually by 2025. Out of which, over 110,000 of them will be immigrating through Express Entry programs.

Express Entry System – How Does It Work?

Canada’s Express Entry immigration pathway is one of the fastest options for newcomers. The system uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to evaluate the profiles of the candidates. Here, the highest-scoring candidates shall receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). However, a candidate’s CRS score would not be the only deciding factor in receiving an ITA. The draws could be tailored to candidates who had specific work experience, education, or language abilities.

After receiving an ITA, you will need to accept this invitation to move one step closer to getting PR. Also, within 60 days you will need to submit the requested documents to complete your PR application.

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