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British Columbia Invites Skilled Professionals in Latest BCPNP Draws

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British Columbia Invites Skilled Professionals in Latest BCPNP Draws

On June 18, 2024, the Government of British Columbia conducted new invitation draws under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP), issuing invitations to a diverse range of skilled professionals. These draws targeted candidates in various sectors, including tech, healthcare, childcare, construction, and veterinary care, reflecting the province’s ongoing efforts to address labor shortages and support economic growth.

In the tech draw, British Columbia invited 35 candidates with a minimum score of 122 points. This draw aims to attract highly skilled tech workers to support the province’s growing technology sector, a key driver of economic development.

The childcare-targeted draw saw ten invitations issued to early childhood educators (NOC 42202), with candidates needing to meet a minimum score requirement of 102 points. This initiative is part of British Columbia’s commitment to enhancing childcare services by bringing in qualified educators to meet the increasing demand.

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In the healthcare sector, 14 candidates were invited with a minimum score of 102 points. This draw focuses on attracting healthcare professionals to strengthen the province’s healthcare system, ensuring that residents receive high-quality medical care.

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The construction sector, another critical area for the province, received 11 invitations. Skilled professionals in this field are essential for supporting British Columbia’s infrastructure development and housing projects, which are vital for accommodating the province’s growing population.

Additionally, up to five invitations were issued to candidates working in veterinary care occupations. This sector is crucial for maintaining the health and welfare of animals, both domestic and agricultural, across the province.

In total, British Columbia issued up to 75 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) in this draw. These invitations are part of the province’s strategy to address labor shortages in key sectors and ensure that its economy remains robust and competitive.

To date, British Columbia has invited up to 3,456 candidates through the BCPNP in 2024. This year’s draws demonstrate the province’s commitment to attracting skilled workers from various sectors to meet the evolving needs of its labor market.

A spokesperson from the British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation commented, “These draws are a testament to our proactive approach in addressing the province’s labor needs. By targeting specific sectors, we ensure that our economy remains dynamic and our communities continue to thrive.”

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For candidates interested in the BCPNP, these draws highlight the diverse opportunities available in British Columbia. Skilled professionals in tech, healthcare, childcare, construction, and veterinary care are encouraged to explore the BCPNP as a pathway to permanent residence in one of Canada’s most vibrant provinces.

For more information on the BCPNP and future invitation rounds, visit the official British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program website.

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