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Canada’s Latest Express Entry Draw: 3,000 Invites Await

Austin Campbell



Canada's Latest Express Entry Draw

Canada’s Express Entry system continues to be one of the most popular immigration pathways for skilled workers from around the world. The system is designed to fast-track the immigration process, allowing candidates to become permanent residents of Canada. In its latest Express Entry draw selection, Canada reached out to 3,000 potential candidates. This draw marks another step in Canada’s ongoing commitment to welcoming newcomers and addressing labor market needs. In this blog, we’ll explore the latest Express Entry draw and what it means for potential immigrants.

The Latest Express Entry Draw #265: A Ray of Hope

Canada’s Express Entry system remains one of the most popular and efficient pathways to immigration. The recent Express Entry draw, conducted on 26 September, invited a whopping 3,000 candidates to apply for permanent residence.

The draw included candidates from all programs, and the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score required to receive an ITA was 504. This draw comes on the heels of several rounds in the week of September 18. On September 19, IRCC invited 3,200 candidates in an all-program draw. The following day, on September 20, IRCC issued ITAs to 1,000 candidates in a unique category-based draw for Express Entry candidates in the transportation occupation.

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Key Highlights: 26 September, 2023

Number of Invitations Issued: 3,000 candidates


Minimum CRS Score: 504 points.

Programs Targeted: Candidates in the FSW, FST, and CEC programs.

Here’s a Summary of Express Entry All-program Draw Results from June 2023:

  • September 26: 3,000 candidates received Invitations to Apply (ITAs) with a CRS score of 504.
  • September 19: A draw issuing 3,200 ITAs with a minimum CRS score of 531.
  • August 15: Granting ITAs to 4,300 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 496.
  • August 1: A draw that invited 2,000 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 517.
  • July 11: A draw that saw 800 candidates receiving ITAs with a minimum CRS score of 505.
  • July 4: 700 candidates were invited with a minimum CRS score of 511.
  • June 27: Welcomed 4,300 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 486.
  • June 8: Issued ITAs to 4,800 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 486.
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The latest Express Entry draw in Canada, inviting 3,000 candidates, is a promising development for those aspiring to become permanent residents. With lower CRS scores and program diversity, the Express Entry system is opening doors to a more extensive range of candidates. If you’re considering immigration to Canada, stay informed about the latest Express Entry draws and be prepared to submit your application when the right opportunity arises. Canada’s commitment to immigration continues to make it a top destination for those seeking a better future and new horizons.



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