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Canada’s Academic Excellence: 3 Top Canadian Universities in QS 2024 Rankings

Austin Campbell



Top Canadian Universities

When it comes to choosing the best Canadian educational institution, international students often turn to trusted rankings and evaluators to make an informed decision. One such global authority in the realm of higher education is Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). In 2013, QS became the first organization to receive approval from the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) for three of its research outputs, solidifying its status as a leader in the field of university rankings.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the 2024 QS World University Rankings and highlight three prominent Canadian universities: the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia.

University of Toronto: Rising to the Top

Ranked at an impressive 21st place on the QS World University Rankings for 2024, the University of Toronto (UofT) has made remarkable progress since its 34th position in 2023. This prestigious institution, boasting three campuses in Ontario, has excelled in academic reputation, employer reputation, and international ratios. UofT’s overall score of 86.3 showcases its standing as Canada’s highest-ranking educational institution, a testament to its global recognition and impact.

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McGill University: A Consistent Performer

McGill University, located in Quebec, has maintained its position as a top-tier academic institution, securing the 30th spot in the 2024 QS World University Rankings. Its remarkable scores in academic reputation, employer reputation, and international ratios, all above 87.5, reflect its unwavering commitment to academic excellence. McGill has been a fixture in the top 35 universities worldwide since 2012.

University of British Columbia: Soaring to New Heights

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is another Canadian gem that has made a substantial leap in the QS World University Rankings. Rising from 47th place in 2023 to an impressive 34th in 2024, UBC’s ascent is truly remarkable. The institution, with two campuses in British Columbia, has received exceptional scores in academic reputation, employer reputation, and international faculty ratios.


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Decoding QS Methodology

To understand how these rankings are formulated, it’s essential to grasp the five-factor methodology employed by QS:

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Academic Reputation (40%): This metric is derived from surveys of educators and researchers in higher education.

Faculty/Student Ratio (20%): Emphasizing personalized and collaborative learning, this metric rewards low student-to-faculty ratios and small class sizes.

Citations per Faculty (20%): This measures how frequently faculty members’ research papers are cited in academic publications, indicating the institution’s reliability in the academic world.


Employer Reputation (10%): Employers worldwide are asked to identify universities that produce the most employable graduates.

International Faculty/Student Ratio (10%): This factor considers the ratios of international faculty members to domestic faculty members and international students to domestic students, emphasizing diversity and global engagement.

Key Metrics for Universities: A Closer Look

Key MetricsUniversity of Toronto  McGill University  University of British Columbia  
Academic Reputation  99.793.798.2
Faculty/Student Ratio  54.26444.4
Citations per Faculty  57.262.157
Employer Reputation  9687.693.5
International Faculty/Student Ratio95.7:96.488.9: 93.396.4: 74.1

Canada’s Academic Powerhouses: Your Gateway to Excellence

With the 2024 QS World University Rankings in the spotlight, the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia have proven their mettle on the global academic stage. These institutions not only uphold Canada’s reputation for academic excellence but also offer international students a chance to experience world-class education. So, if you’re considering studying in Canada, these top universities are definitely worth exploring.

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