BC PNP Latest Draw: Invited 155 Skilled Workers and Graduates
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Welcoming Talent: BC PNP Latest Draw Opens Doors for 155 Skilled Workers and Graduates

Austin Campbell



BC PNP Latest Draw

In a significant move, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) recently announced the welcoming of 155 skilled workers and international graduates. The recent draw conducted by the BC PNP on 29th August 2023 is the fifth Skills Immigration draw of August.

In this blog, we explore the highlights of the latest draw and the pivotal role of BC PNP in these achievements.

Understanding the BC PNP: A Brief Overview

At the heart of the BC PNP lies a provincial immigration initiative, inviting skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates to drive its economic evolution. Spanning diverse streams and categories, this program forges routes to connect local talents and global aspirations in shaping the province.

BC PNP’s The Latest Draw Highlights: August 29, 2023

In the most recent draw, British Columbia selected a group of individuals from the streams who received invitations to apply for provincial nomination.

Category 1: Targeted Tech Draw

In this draw, the province of British Columbia is clearly showing its dedication to bolstering its technology sector. With 102 invitations extended, skilled workers and international graduates in the tech field have been given a significant opportunity to contribute their expertise. A minimum score of 88 was required, ensuring a diverse range of skilled individuals can be a part of this enriching experience.


Category 2: Targeted Draw

The BC PNP has allocated 53 invitations in this targeted category draw. Skilled Workers and International Graduates, with the inclusion of the EEBC option, are invited to contribute their expertise to the province. A minimum score of 60 opens the door for the following NOCs:

  • British Columbia has issued 28 invitations to skilled workers and international graduates in this category (NOC 42202);
  • Nurturing the healthcare sector, the province has extended 20 invitations to skilled workers and international graduates.
  • The BC PNP has recognized this by issuing 5 invitations in priority occupations outside the tech and healthcare sectors (NOCs 31103, 32104)

British Columbia extends Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to eligible candidates on a weekly basis, with variations. The BC PNP’s draw frequency, size, and timing are all tailored to the current needs of the application inventory.

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The BC PNP: A Gateway for Skilled Workers and Entrepreneurs

The BC Provincial Nominee Program is a favored route for skilled workers and graduates pursuing Canadian opportunities. This pathway to Permanent Residency lets those with apt skills and qualifications fuel provincial growth while embracing a new life in a diverse setting.

Within the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) lie distinct streams, each tailored to specific aspirations:

Skills Immigration Stream

The Skills Immigration stream targets skilled workers, international graduates, and entry-level employees. It offers a path to Permanent Residency for those with qualifications in high-demand sectors.


International Graduates Stream

Designed for graduates who studied in BC, this stream facilitates their transition to work and potentially Permanent Residency. Recognizing their value encourages them to contribute to the province’s growth and their own career development.

Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

This stream is for entrepreneurs aiming to establish or acquire a business in the province. It fosters economic growth and job creation, offering a route to Permanent Residency for successful business contributors.

The BC PNP’s Role in Shaping the Future

The recent BC PNP invitation round showcases unwavering commitment to a stronger British Columbia. Skilled workers and graduates contribute to growth, innovation, and prosperity. Each individual becomes a vital part of the province’s success story, enriching its economic, social, and cultural fabric. In conclusion, BC PNP’s latest round marks a significant step in the province’s journey. With open arms, British Columbia welcomes 155 talents, fostering progress and diversity.



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