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Sharmila Perera- Ann Arbour Consultants Inc.

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After surviving a terrorist attack with seconds to spare, Sharmila Perera decided to leave her native place and immigrate to Canada under the then-professional classification.

Sharmila Perera arrived in 2001 with her husband and 3 young children and decided to make people’s lives better by allowing others to experience what she had faced. Later, in 2002, she founded Ann Arbour Consultants and now has become a leader and certified Canadian immigration consultant in the industry.

About Company

Ann Arbour Consultants, founded by Sharmila Perera in 2002 is an Alberta-based consultancy firm. The company claims to offer a set of services such as Immigration Services, Recruitment services, Human Resources Services, and Relocation services. in addition, they claim to have helped thousands of families to settle in Canada through 3 offices namely (Toronto, and Alberta, and a partner office in Newfoundland). Moreover, the firm has global offices and consultants to deal with two types of clients: Individual and Corporate.