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As an accredited member of the ICCRC (RCIC-R517946), Mr. Brij Rathi specializes in immigration matters. He has a master’s degree in Business administration from Worcester university, U.K.

Brij Rathi as an immigration expert, diligently supervises each application and maintains communication with clients and the client’s attorney. As an experienced hotelier, Mr. Rathi provides free services to help newcomers get jobs in the hospitality and hotel industries. He is also a gold medalist from the reputed César Ritz Colleges in Switzerland

About Company

Brij Rathi Consultancy is an Alberta-based immigration firm that is well-known for offering custom-fit immigration services and solutions. The company’s wide array of services ranges from work permits, sponsorships, visas, and permanent residence. The firm is equipped with a team of professionals who promises to bring skilled workers and families to Canada. Because of this quality-driven professionalism and attention to detail, Rathi’s clients get a Canadian permanent residence without going through any immigration interview.