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Saskatchewan Immigration: 279 Occupations Added to Existing Work Permit Stream

Ashley Shelton



SINP Immigration

Recently, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has expanded its Existing Work Permit stream by adding new 279 occupations for temporary foreign workers. This strategic leap not only caters to the needs of Saskatchewan employers but also extends a lifeline to displaced Ukrainians and international workers seeking stability in Canada.

SINP’s Expansion Move

Until November 1, the Existing Work Permit stream primarily targeted high-skilled occupations and designated trades. However, the recent SINP expansion opens doors to 279 new occupations in lower- and intermediate-skilled sectors, creating a seismic shift in the immigration landscape. This evolution means that temporary foreign workers in these sectors can now apply for permanent residency, given they meet the program’s criteria, including language requirements and a permanent, full-time job offer.

Ukrainian Voices

For Ukrainians fleeing the horrors of war, this expansion is not just policy; it’s a beacon of hope. Elena Krueger, president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan, expresses gratitude for the increased opportunities, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between newcomers and the provincial government.

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SINP’s Excluded Occupations from Eligibility Expansion

  • Food and beverage servers (directed to apply under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project or the Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot).
  • Truck drivers (directed to apply under the Long Haul Truck Driver Project or the Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot).
  • Health professionals (directed to apply to the SINP Health Professional Sub-category).
  • Graduates with a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) currently working (directed to apply under the Saskatchewan Experience – Student Sub-category or the International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer Sub-category).
  • Refugee claimants seeking refugee status in Canada.

Saskatchewan’s Immigration Momentum

Saskatchewan is on a mission to grow, with a target of 1.4 million residents by 2030. The province, recognizing the significance of immigration, has secured increased annual allocations for the next three years. With over 16,000 job vacancies currently posted, the expansion of the SINP program aligns perfectly with the province’s ambitious goals.

Brennen Mills, a partner in Saskatoon Fire and Flood, highlights the complexity of the labor shortage issue. While there’s no single solution, the SINP expansion is a pivotal first step, aiding both employees and employers in navigating the immigration process and filling crucial positions.

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The province isn’t just stopping at immigration numbers; it’s pushing for more control. The recent agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) grants Saskatchewan sole authority over assessing candidates’ suitability for the province. The dialogue also includes discussions on federal settlement funding, with Saskatchewan advocating for autonomy to shape its immigration destiny.


SINP Expansion Sparks Home for All!

As Saskatchewan paves the way for a new era in immigration, the SINP expansion stands tall as a testament to the province’s commitment to growth, inclusion, and resilience. The journey towards 1.4 million residents by 2030 has just received a turbo boost, making Saskatchewan a beacon for those seeking not just jobs but a place to call home.

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