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International Healthcare Professionals Thrive in Canada: Nearly 60% Employed in Study-Related Roles

Austin Campbell



internationally educated healthcare professionals

Canada is known for its diverse and inclusive society, which attracts talent from all over the world. In the latest news, Statistics Canada’s report unveils a promising trend “A remarkable 58% of internationally trained healthcare professionals have found their niche within Canada’s healthcare sector”. This statistic not only showcases their determination but also underscores Canada’s commitment to embracing global talent to fortify its healthcare landscape.

Statistics: Key Contributions made by IEHPs in Canada

Canada’s healthcare system benefits from internationally educated healthcare professionals (IEHPs) who bring diverse skills and experiences. Recent data from Statistics Canada highlights some key insights:

  • Among the 259,694 IEHPs in Canada, 76% were employed, slightly below the 80% employment rate for Canadian-educated healthcare professionals.
  • Immigrants make up a significant portion of the healthcare sector, with numbers expected to rise as older healthcare workers retire.
  • Half of IEHPs in Canada arrived during their core working years (ages 25-34), and two-thirds are under 50 years old. Moreover, 7 out of 10 IEHPs in Canada are women.

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Settlement, Education, and Employment of IEHPs in Canada

Ontario leads as the preferred destination for IEHPs, with 116,310 residing there, followed by British Columbia (45,235) and Alberta (42,035). However, Canada’s northern territories and Atlantic provinces have lower IEHP populations, with Prince Edward Island having the least at 475.

In the areas of educational background, a significant 63% of IEHPs received their education in Asia, while 11% studied in English-speaking Western countries. Remarkably, Manitoba shines with 75% of its IEHPs from Asia, while New Brunswick’s IEHPs, with 21%, bring a diverse global perspective from English-speaking Western countries.

With one-third of IEHPs in Canada studying in nursing, it is a dominant occupation. The top five occupations include registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (34%), nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates (21%), licensed practical nurses (8%), light-duty cleaners (2%), and social and community service workers (2%). Newfoundland and Labrador boasts the highest proportion (74%) of IEHPs employed in health occupations.


Express Entry Changes Benefit Healthcare Professionals

In 2023, IRCC introduced six new Express Entry categories that prioritize occupation over CRS scores. So far, 2,000 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) have been issued to healthcare professionals. Moreover, in October 2022, IRCC allowed physicians already practicing in Canada as temporary residents to apply for Express Entry. This marked a significant change as most physicians were previously considered self-employed. Statistics Canada’s report on IEHP employment underscores Canada’s commitment to diversity and immigrant integration in the healthcare workforce. Despite challenges, rising employment rates, and government support signal a promising future for IEHPs in Canada. IEHPs enrich Canada’s healthcare system with diverse skills and perspectives.



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