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Alberta’s Immigration – CRS Score Drops to 305 Points in the Latest AAIP Draw

Austin Campbell



Alberta's Immigration

On November 9, 2023, Alberta once again set the stage for a major immigration shakeup with its latest PNP draw under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Express Entry stream. The province issued a mere 16 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to Healthcare professionals, and here’s the kicker – the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score required was as low as just 305 points!

Alberta Draw Details

The latest draw focused on the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway, targeting candidates with an Alberta job offer and a CRS score of 300 and above. The result? A select 16 individuals received NOIs, with the bar set at 305 CRS points.

This draw followed a prior revelation, as Alberta disclosed the results of its October 24, 2023 draw. This time, the emphasis was on the Priority sector – Construction occupation, also requiring a job offer from Alberta and a CRS score ranging between 300-500. A significantly larger pool of 110 candidates was extended NOIs, with a minimum CRS score of 300 points.

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October 2023 witnessed back-to-back draw activity in Alberta’s immigration scene, as the province hosted a record six AAIP draws, inviting a total of 428 candidates. This underscored Alberta’s commitment to diversify its workforce and meet the demands of key sectors.

AAIP-Express Entry Stream Selection

The year 2023 brings a nuanced approach to Alberta’s Express Entry (EE) stream selection, with distinct parameters guiding the allocation of nominations:


In-Demand Occupations with Family Ties

Approximately 31% of nominations are earmarked for applicants in in-demand occupations who boast close family connections in Alberta. The in-demand occupations encompass roles flagged with a significant imbalance on Alberta’s Occupational Outlook, along with those labeled ‘High’ or ‘Moderately High’ in demand in the Short-Term Employment Forecast.

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Sector-Specific Focus

An estimated 23% of nominations will be allocated to candidates with primary occupations in healthcare, construction, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism. Priority will be accorded to those armed with an Alberta employment offer.

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Accelerated Tech Pathway

A substantial 45% of nominations are set aside for the Accelerated Tech Pathway, reflecting Alberta’s forward-looking stance in fostering technological innovation and development.

Alberta’s decision to slash the CRS score to 305 points in its latest AAIP draw is a declaration of the province’s commitment to attracting skilled workers. As the immigration landscape evolves, prospective candidates can anticipate more tailored express entry draws and opportunities aligned with Alberta’s economic needs. Stay tuned for the next chapter in Alberta’s immigration – a narrative that promises to redefine the Canadian dream for many aspirants.


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