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Saskatchewan’s Increases the number of SINP’s

Austin Campbell



The year 2020 has significantly been a good one for candidates in Saskatchewan. With an immense rise in the number of residency applications, the number of invitations issued has shown substantial growth from the beginning of this year.

According to the statistics, the number of invitations sent out by the SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program this year is 646, which is three times the previous draw. The candidates who received these invitations were primarily from the categories of Occupations in Demand and the Express Entry.

The immigrant candidates who want to apply for permanent residency will firstly have to create and submit an Expression of Interest or EOI profile with SINP via their categories.

This profile consists of a questionnaire relating to the candidate’s educational background, age, communication proficiency, connections in the territory, and their work experience. They need not have a job offer to show, but a candidate to be eligible for the application must have at least one year of working experience in the province.

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Based on these answers, the SINP will give them scores. The scores are out of a total 100, and the SINP follows its five factors to assess them. The higher the score, the higher will be the chances of getting an invitation. This year the minimum CRS score for both the categories is set at 70.


If someone’s scores are low, they can apply for a method of potentially increasing their score, which is provincial nomination. If they are successful in receiving the appointment, they get an additional 600 on their CRS. It increases their probability of getting an invitation on a large scale.

Around 270 candidates from the Express entry category and 369 from the Occupations in Demand category got invitations for permanent residency in the last draw.

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