Eligible Occupations for LMIA in Quebec in 2020
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More Eligible Occupations for LMIA in Quebec in 2020

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Looking to immigrate to Quebec and looking for an LMIA from an employer? You may be eligible to get one with the revised list this year.

Based on Canada’s 2016 NOC system, the list of Occupations was established by the Emploi-Québec in collaboration with the Ministry of Immigration.

This List of Occupations is a list that provides job advertisements for occupations that the employers do not require to advertise to hire a foreign worker separately. This list is annually updated.

This year the list of occupations was published by the government of Quebec on 24th February 2020. Statistics say, with one hundred sixteen new professions, and 9 of the previous years of them removed, there is a long list of new entries. The new rules include Dentists, baker, Human Resource management, and some more.

In comparison to last year,  there is an introduction of a provincial list of labor needs in all of the Quebec regions. On the other hand, last year, there was an introduction to regional lists. Anyone who was eligible in these professions had a simpler processing and a faster immigration route.


What should you expect from the LMIA list for Quebec?

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Canadian employers who will hire temporary foreign workers before applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment have to establish that they have already done the required advertising. And they will also have to provide proof of the required efforts done by them.

These efforts may consist of interviewing the eligible candidates and advertising for a minimum of 28 days. They will also have to prove to the government that no permanent or Canadian resident is willing to do the work. And this issue requires hiring a foreign worker.

There is also a simplified application process. Known as the “facilitated” LMIA, you do not need to show proof of recruitment here. Quebec employers who hire candidates for certain positions don’t need to advertise either.

The nine occupations excluded this year include 0513, 1242, 1254, 3217, 3236, 7205, 7232, 9211 and 9224. These include occupations like supervisors, service directors, massage therapists, contractors, statistical officers, and public relations officers.

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