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OINP Sends Out More Invitations

Austin Campbell



OINP Express Entry

Looking for permanent residency in Canada? Fix your eyes on Ontario. With approximately more than 480 invitations sent out for the Express Entry candidates and 10 to the skilled labor or work candidates, an Ontario PNP program is getting more popular.

The OINP or Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program says, their goal for this year is to recruit some of the top talents around the globe. Additionally, there is a target to send invitations to immigrant candidates from National Occupation Classifications this year.

To apply for an invitation, a candidate must set up their Express Entry Pool profile via Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities. Based on this profile, the candidate receives a ranking. This score or ranking is under the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS.

Candidates who have a low CRS score potentially apply for provincial nominations, and if qualified, they get an additional score of 600 to their CRS. A high CRS score means a high chance of getting an invitation for Canadian residency. The minimum CRS score set for this year was between 467 and 471.

Candidates who receive invitations for NOC invitations via the government have a deadline of 45 days to submit their residency application. If they fail to meet the deadline, the application faces rejection, and they cannot opt for provincial nomination.


The candidates who get the invitation of NOC need not have a permanent job offer within the territory of Ontario. But they need to have work experiences in occupations like NOC 0111, NOC 0114, NOC 0651, NOC 1114, NOC 1122, NOC 3012 and some more. These generally include professions like registered nurses and psychiatric nurses, corporate sales managers, accountants, financial auditors, business management consultation, marketing, sales, public relations managers, retail managers, and service management

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