Immigration Announcement

Work Permit Programs for Entrepreneurs to Immigrate to Canada



Work permit widens up the business opportunities for Canada Immigrants 

Owners/operators category willing to immigrate to Canada can apply for this program under the Temporary Foreign worker’s program (TFWP)without having to comply with the advertising requirements of the Labour market Impact Assessment LMIA). This will come into effect on April 1, 2021.

As of January 1, UK applicants cannot process under Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) investors but they can do so under the new Canada-UK Trade Continuity Agreement after the approval early this year. Before this new program will come into effect, the applicant must comply with the LMIA or should meet the specific requirements mentioned in the LMIA-exempt work permit category.


Intra-Company Transfer work-permit Canada Immigration program

This Canada Immigration program is for a multinational corporation that wants to expand their business into Canada and wants to move key staff of their company from one branch to another internationally. Through this program, those who want to Immigrate to Canada can open a shop in Canada and can manage their overseas business properly. This work permit program facilitates them to open a subsidiary, affiliate, and a Canadian branch.  


CUSMA Investor work permit Canada Immigration program for U.S. and Mexico Investors, Sole owners or major shareholders  

Citizens of the U.S. and Mexico, who want to immigrate to Canada to expand their existing business or to invest in new business fall under the Canada-United-States-Mexico Agreement program. The investor must present a business plan with all the detail of their business including the total capital, funds already utilized in the existing business, and its contribution to the Canadian economy.

CETA investor work permit Canada Immigration program for European investors 

The eligible European investor under the CETA Canada immigration program can stay in Canada without LMIA. The investor should be employed as a supervisor or executive in an enterprise that can majorly contribute to the Canadian economy.

Entrepreneurs/Self-employed work permit Canada immigration program 


Entrepreneurs who own at least 50 percent of seasonal Canadian business fall under this Canada immigration work permit program. The owners of Canadian businesses who are living outside Canada can also apply for this work permit without LMIA.


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