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Alberta Advocates for Increased Immigration Quota: Calls for 20,000 Nomination Allocations



Immigration Quota

The province of Alberta, renowned for its robust economy and dynamic job market, is facing a pivotal moment in its immigration landscape. Despite the province’s pressing need for skilled workers and its significant contribution to Canada’s overall employment growth, Alberta finds itself at a crossroads due to a stagnant immigration quota for the year 2024.

Stagnant Nomination Quota

The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), also known as the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), is set to receive the same annual nomination quota as the previous year, standing at 9,750 for 2024. This decision, conveyed by the Canadian government to provincial officials, has sparked concerns regarding Alberta’s ability to effectively address its labor market demands.

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Premier Danielle Smith has taken proactive measures to address this issue by writing a compelling letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging the federal government to reconsider its decision. The Premier advocates for an increase in the annual immigration quota to 20,000 for 2024, emphasizing the crucial role of immigration in meeting the province’s evolving economic and demographic needs.

Ukrainian Evacuees and Population Growth

The recent geopolitical events, particularly the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022, have significantly influenced Alberta’s population dynamics. The province has witnessed an influx of Ukrainian evacuees seeking refuge, further underscoring the importance of a flexible and responsive immigration policy.


Alberta Immigration Streams

Alberta offers a diverse range of immigration streams to cater to different skill sets and employment sectors. These include:

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway for Express Entry
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream (temporarily paused)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream
  • Religious Workers Eligibility program
  • Rural Renewal Stream
  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Processing Status and Average Timeframes

As Alberta Immigration manages a substantial volume of applications, prospective immigrants can expect varying processing times across different streams. Here’s an overview of the current processing status and estimated average timeframes:

AAIP StreamsNumber of Applications in Queue (Approx.)Estimated Processing Time (Average)Applications Received Before… (Approx.)
Alberta Opportunity StreamApproximately 4,731Approximately 6 monthsSeptember 27, 2023
Alberta Express Entry Stream – All pathwaysApproximately 958Varies by PathwayFebruary 13, 2024
Rural Renewal StreamApproximately 1,643Approximately 6 monthsOctober 19, 2023
Tourism and Hospitality StreamApproximately 368Approximately 1 month or lessMarch 1, 2024

Alberta’s advocacy for an increased immigration quota reflects its vision of fostering economic growth, promoting diversity, and addressing labor market shortages. By leveraging immigration as a strategic tool for sustainable development, Alberta aims to create opportunities for newcomers while enhancing its position as a dynamic and inclusive province.

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