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Quebec Healthcare to Hire 1,500 Asylum Seekers to Join the Workforce



Asylum Seekers

Quebec’s healthcare industry is gearing up for a transformative influx of talent, as Employment Minister Kateri Champagne Jourdain announces plans to hire 1,500 asylum seekers over the next three years.

The initiative, facilitated by community organizations in Montreal and Quebec City, aims to fill critical roles such as patient-care aides, kitchen and maintenance staff, and administrators. To cut, applicants are expected to hold valid work permits and possess an intermediate level of French. However, this exciting development is just one aspect of a larger narrative arriving in Canada’s immigration landscape.

Aiding Asylum Seekers

Amidst this call for healthcare professionals in Quebec, a surge in asylum claims has been noted, fueled by changes in visa requirements. The closure of Roxham Road in March redirected asylum seekers to alternative entry points, resulting in a substantial increase in claims processed at Canadian airports.

Notably, Quebec accounted for the majority of these claims, indicating a shift in migration patterns. This rise is further attributed to Ottawa’s strategic waiver of eligibility requirements for visitor visas, providing asylum seekers with more accessible pathways into the country.

Visitor Visa Waivers Impact

The decision to waive certain eligibility requirements for visitor visas, effective since February 28 and set to continue until the end of 2023, serves a dual purpose. Beyond simplifying the immigration process, the policy addresses the backlog in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) inventories.


As Immigration Minister Marc Miller acknowledges, this surge in asylum seekers is a persistent challenge, emphasizing the need for comprehensive government action and investment to address the evolving dynamics of immigration. Quebec’s initiative to integrate asylum seekers into its healthcare sector not only underscores the province’s commitment to diversity but also reflects the broader changes in Canada’s immigration system. As the nation navigates a surge in asylum claims and adjusts visa requirements, the spotlight remains on the collaborative efforts needed to create a balanced and efficient immigration system. The unfolding narrative is a testament to Canada’s adaptability and openness, ensuring that its doors remain welcoming to those seeking opportunities and refuge.

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