Canada Processing Times 2024: Family Sponsorships & Temporary Visas
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Canada Processing Times 2024: Family Sponsorships & Temporary Visas Update



Canada Processing Times 2024

In Canadian immigration, staying abreast of the latest Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada processing times for 2024 is crucial.

As of January 16, 2024, the immigration system underwent a significant update, from providing mere service standards to delivering precise data on typical Canada processing times. This shift enhances accuracy, considering variations in the IRCC’s application handling capacity and processing volume. It’s crucial to note that individual processing times may vary, grounded in the average processing times of 80% of applications either approved or refused.

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Here. we publish a detailed breakdown of processing durations specifically for family sponsorship applications, and temporary visas over the preceding four weeks.

Family Sponsorship Processing Times 2024

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange Since Jan 9Change Since Jan 2Change Since Dec 28Change Since Dec 20
Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada (intention to live outside Quebec)12 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada (intention to live in Quebec)39 monthsNo ChangeNo Change-3 months-3 months
Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada (intention to live outside Quebec)10 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada (intention to live in Quebec)26 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Parents or Grandparents PR (intention to live outside Quebec)24 monthsNo ChangeNo Change+1 month+1 month
Parents or Grandparents PR (intention to live in Quebec)48 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change

Quebec and the Rest of Canada

In late 2023, the IRCC introduced transparency by disclosing processing time disparities for family sponsorship applications between Quebec and other regions of Canada. Understanding these variations is crucial for individuals navigating the family sponsorship pathway within the Canadian immigration framework.


Updated Processing Times for Temporary Visas

Here is a snapshot of the current processing times for various temporary visa categories as of January 16, 2024:

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange since Jan 9Change since Jan 2Change since Dec 28Change since Dec 20
Visitor visa outside Canada (Varies by country)Varies (e.g., India: 30 Days, Nigeria: 135 Days, United States: 19 Days)-2 Days (India), +14 Days (Nigeria), -11 Days (USA), +2 Days (Pakistan), No Change (Philippines)-1 Day (India), +20 Days (Nigeria), -10 Days (USA), +5 Days (Pakistan), -1 Day (Philippines)-1 Day (India), +22 Days (Nigeria), -9 Days (USA), +7 Days (Pakistan), -5 Days (Philippines)-2 Days (India), +24 Days (Nigeria), -7 Days (USA), +9 Days (Pakistan), -9 Days (Philippines)
Visitor visa inside Canada (TRV)Online: 17 days, Paper-Based: 33 days as of Dec 20No Change+1 Day for online (IRCC no longer reporting processing time for paper-based applications)+2 Days for online+4 Days for online
PGP  Super VisaVaries by country (e.g., India: 57 Days, Nigeria: 88 Days, USA: 138 Days, Pakistan: 138 Days, Philippines: 146 Days)-1 Day (India), -3 Days (Nigeria), +12 Days (USA), +1 Day (Pakistan), -11 Days (Philippines)+4 Days (India), -8 Days (Nigeria), +29 Days (USA), +9 Days (Pakistan), +3 Days (Philippines)+8 Days (India), -8 Days (Nigeria), +45 Days (USA), +10 Days (Pakistan), +5 Days (Philippines)+11 Days (India), -10 Days (Nigeria), +29 Days (USA), +5 Days (Pakistan), +4 Days (Philippines)
Study Permit Outside Canada9 Weeks-1 Week-1 Week-1 Week-2 Weeks
Visitor Extension (Visitor Record)Online: 70 days, Paper-Based: 113 days as of Dec 20No ChangeNo Change-2 Days for online-9 days for online
Study Permit Inside Canada4 weeksNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Study Permit ExtensionOnline: 69 Days, Paper-Based: 71 Days as of Dec 20-8 Days-8 Days-32 Days for online-54 Days for online
Work Permit Outside Canada (Varies by country)Varies (e.g., India: 14 Weeks, Nigeria: 12 Weeks, USA: 24 Weeks, Pakistan: 29 Weeks, Philippines: 23 Weeks)+1 Week (India), -1 Week (Nigeria), No Change (USA), No Change (Pakistan), +3 Weeks (Philippines)+1 Week (India), No Change (Nigeria), +2 Weeks (USA), +1 Week (Pakistan), +9 Weeks (Philippines)+1 Week (India), +1 Week (Nigeria), +4 Weeks (USA), +2 Weeks (Pakistan), +10 Weeks (Philippines)+2 Weeks (India), +1 Week (Nigeria), +7 Weeks (USA), +5 Weeks (Pakistan), +11 Weeks (Philippines)
Work Permit Inside CanadaOnline: 109 Days, Paper-Based: 15 Days as of Dec 20-3 Days-4 Days for online-9 Days for Online-13 Days for Online
International Experience Canada (Current Season)6 Weeks+1 Week+1 Week+2 Weeks+2 Weeks
Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP)26 DaysNo Change+1 Day+1 DayNo Change
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)5 minutesNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change

The information provided here is based on the latest available data and is subject to change based on IRCC updates.

Important Note: The IRCC is currently prioritizing work permit applications for priority occupations. Individual processing times may vary based on the specific circumstances of each application.

Click here to view our IRCC Processing times for Canadian Citizenship and PRs and Economic Permanent Residence Applications.

How to Optimize Your Immigration Journey in 2024?

Understanding IRCC processing times is pivotal for prospective immigrants. However, it’s essential to recognize that individual application processing times may vary. At Canada Immigration News, we aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information. We diligently monitor and update these processing times monthly, aligning with the IRCC’s releases. To grasp the implications of these processing times fully, we invite our readers to delve into the latest IRCC news.


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