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Updated IRCC Processing Times 2024: Canada PR, Citizenship, and Economic Immigration



IRCC Processing Times

In the realm of Canadian immigration, staying abreast of the latest IRCC processing times is paramount. As of January 16, 2024, we present a detailed overview of processing durations for various application types: economic programs, Canada permanent residence, economic PR immigration, temporary visas, and others.

Changes in the IRCC Processing Tool

Early in 2022, the IRCC underwent a transformative update to its processing tool, shifting from displaying mere service standards to offering precise data on typical processing times. Unlike service standards, which infrequently see updates, these new processing schedules for 80% of applications are now refreshed weekly, utilizing data from the previous six months.

For applications related to temporary residency, weekly updates based on data from the preceding eight or sixteen weeks provide prospective immigrants and visa applicants with essential insights. It’s crucial to understand that these schedules offer estimates and do not guarantee identical processing times for every application.

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IRCC Processing Times – Canada Citizenship and PRs 2024

Here is a snapshot of the current processing times for Canada Citizenship and PR cards as of January 16, 2024:

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange Since January 9Change Since January 2Change Since December 28Change Since December 20
Citizenship grant15 monthsNo ChangeNo Change-1 month-1 month
Citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship)*9 monthsNo Change-1 month-2 months-2 months
Resumption of citizenshipNot enough dataNo ChangeNot enough dataNot enough dataNot enough data
Renunciation of Citizenship14 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Search of citizenship records14 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
New PR card15 days-1 day-14 days-27 days-43 days
PR card renewals58 days-1 day-3 days-5 days-7 days

Note: The information provided here is based on the latest available data and is subject to change based on IRCC updates.

Latest Economic PR Applications Processing Times 2024

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange Since Jan 9Change Since Jan 2Change Since Dec 28Change Since Dec 20
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)5 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)6 monthsNo ChangeNo Change+1 month+1 month
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)Not updatedNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) via Express Entry8 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Non-Express Entry PNP14 monthsNo ChangeNo Change-1 monthNo Change
Quebec Skilled Workers (QSW)10 monthsNo ChangeNo Change-2 monthsNo Change
Quebec Business Class (Entrepreneurs, Investors, Self-Employed)61 monthsNo ChangeNo Change+1 monthNo Change
Federal Self-Employed54 monthsNo ChangeNo Change+2 monthsNo Change
Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)6 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change
Start-Up Visa37 monthsNo ChangeNo ChangeNo ChangeNo Change

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Insights and Highlights: Economic PR Applications

  1. CEC Continues Steady Pace –  The Canadian Experience Class maintains a consistent processing time of 5 months, reflecting the program’s efficiency.
  2. FSWP Stability with a Slight Increase –  The Federal Skilled Worker Program holds steady at 6 months, with a minor extension of 1 month noted since January 2.
  3. FSTP: Awaiting Updates –  The Federal Skilled Trades Program, not updated since March 1, remains in a holding pattern as of now, with no reported changes.
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) with Express Entry and Non-Express Entry –  Both streams maintain their processing times at 8 months and 14 months, respectively, providing stability for applicants in these pathways.
  5. QSW and Quebec Business ClassQuebec Skilled Workers see a slight decrease of 2 months, while the Quebec Business Class experiences a marginal increase of 1 month.
  6. Federal Self-Employed Stability and Growth – The Federal Self-Employed program witnesses a processing time of 54 months, showcasing stability with a 2-month increase since January 2.
  7. AIP and Start-Up Visa –  Both the Atlantic Immigration Program and the Start-Up Visa exhibit unwavering processing times at 6 months and 37 months, respectively.

Understanding these IRCC processing times is pivotal for those planning to immigrate to Canada in 2024. Stay informed, plan strategically, and navigate your journey with confidence. For more updates and in-depth analysis, keep exploring Canada Immigration News – CIN.

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