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Everything You Must Know About the Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Robert Cannon



About the Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent stream is part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and is designed to be employed when there are labour and skill shortages and no qualified Canadians or permanent residents are available to fill positions. Innovative Canadian businesses can now access top-tier international talent thanks to the Global Talent Stream. The stream is intended for businesses that are recommended to Employment and Social Development Canada by an authorized referral partner and that require skilled and specialized foreign workers in order to expand.

Categories Under the Global Talent Stream

Category A

Category A is intended for businesses that need skilled foreign workers to fill a desirable role and are referred to Employment and Social Development Canada by designated referral partners. Employers are obligated to make a commitment to hiring Canadians and persons with permanent residence.

Category B

Employers wishing to fill positions on the Global Talent Occupations List with talented overseas workers should look into this area. The jobs on the list are in high demand in Canada, however, there is not a sufficient supply of workers. Employers must pledge to increase their investments in training and skills development for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Global Talent Stream Requirements

Employers in both types of categories are required to create a Labour Market Benefits Plan that indicates their dedication to initiatives that have long-lasting and beneficial effects on the Canadian labour market. Employers must agree to two additional complementary benefits with at least one activity for each, in both categories. These supplementary advantages may comprise—but need not be limited to—job creation, internship programs, and staff training. The payment of skilled labour is another requirement that both types of employers must meet.

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) can be a useful tool for foreign nationals wishing to earn Canadian work experience even though it offers several advantages for Canadian firms looking to fill labour and skill shortages. Foreign skilled workers hired through the Global Talent Stream must be paid at the prevailing wage or higher.

  • The median wage for the occupation on the Government of Canada’s job bank;
  • The wage within the range an employer pays current employees in the same position at the same location, with the same skills and experience level;
  • The minimum wage floor as defined in the Global Talent occupations list.

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