The Payroll Employment Rate in Canada Continues to Rise Due to Strong Hiring
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The Payroll Employment Rate in Canada Continues to Rise Due to Strong Hiring

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Payroll Employment Rate in Canada

Payroll employment, which is the number of employees who receive pay or benefits from their employer, increased in November 2022 across 10 out of 15 sectors. The rise in payroll shows a solid sign of a favourable hiring environment and a return to Canada’s pre-COVID economic output. As a result, several industries experienced a decline in the number of available positions because businesses were better able to find candidates to fill positions in light of impending labour shortages.

Overall payroll employment grew by 7,100 jobs as more people were employed in public administration, as well as in professional scientific and technical services. However, it more than offset severe declines in the finance and insurance sectors.

In November 2022, there were 850,300 open posts nationwide, a decrease of 20,700 positions overall. Since the record high of 1 million postings in May 2022, there have been 151,900 fewer job openings. This may indicate that the economy is still recovering from the epidemic and is producing products and services at pre-pandemic levels.

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As more people may contribute to the economy through higher employment, an increase in payroll employment is (more specifically) a solid indicator that businesses are recruiting and have a need for more workers—a barometer of economic growth. In this regard, it could be useful for newcomers to know which industries are currently adding payroll jobs. The sectors which included the biggest gains in payroll employment in November included:

  • Professional scientific and technical services with over 5,600 positions;
  • Public administration with more than 4,800 positions;
  • Finance and insurance with +4,700 positions; and
  • Construction included +4,300 positions.

Consistent Job Vacancies

Healthcare and Social Assistance With 131,800 Vacancies

Despite, the sector experiencing decreasing vacancies by 19,300 jobs, the total number of job vacancies in the sector remains elevated, up nearly 45% from March 2020.

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Construction With 79,000 Vacancies

Despite generating significant payroll employment gains in November, there are still a lot of open positions in the construction sector. This can be a sign of both a rise in corporate output and a continuing need for workers in the area. In fact, the number of openings in the construction industry in November 2021 was essentially unchanged with a figure of 73,900, demonstrating that this is another industry in Canada where there is a persistent need for people.


Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services With 52,000 Vacancies

Similar to the construction industry, the professional, scientific, and technical sector also had significant increases in payroll employment, although it continues to struggle with a high number of open positions. Once more, this demonstrates both strong hiring and ongoing demand for personnel in the field within Canada. Immigration will be a significant measure to address such labour shortages. Following the assent of Bill C-19 in 2022, the Honorable Sean Fraser is now able to create categories in the Express Entry pool. These invitations to apply for permanent residents are likely to target professions with persistent job vacancies.

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