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Canada’s Average Weekly Earnings Rise to $1,240 in April

Ashley Shelton



Canada's Average Weekly Earnings Rise to $1,240 in April

In April, Canada’s average weekly earnings increased by 3.7% year over year, reaching $1,240, following a 4.1% rise in March. According to a Statistics Canada report released on June 27, the average weekly earnings were $1,204 in June 2023. The increase in average weekly earnings is attributed to factors such as changes in wages, the composition of employment, the number of hours worked, and the impact of the base year.

April marked the third consecutive month where the number of employees receiving pay and benefits from their employers decreased by 22,700 (-0.1%), while job vacancies dropped by 32,000 (-5.3%) to 575,400. Despite these declines, the rise in average weekly earnings indicates that those who remained employed saw improved wages.

The report highlighted that monthly payroll employment declined in 8 out of 20 sectors, with notable decreases in manufacturing (-6,000; -0.4%), administrative and support, waste management and remediation services (-5,200; -0.6%), and accommodation and food services (-4,800; -0.4%).

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The increase in average weekly earnings amidst a decrease in payroll employment and job vacancies suggests a complex economic landscape. The changes in wages and the composition of employment, alongside fewer hours worked, played significant roles in this scenario. These dynamics reflect broader economic trends and shifts in the labor market.

As Canada navigates these changes, the focus remains on understanding the underlying factors contributing to the fluctuations in employment and earnings. The Statistics Canada report provides crucial insights into how different sectors are performing and the overall health of the job market.

In summary, while Canada saw an increase in average weekly earnings in April, the accompanying decline in payroll employment and job vacancies underscores the multifaceted nature of the current economic environment. The ongoing analysis of these trends will be vital for policymakers and businesses as they adapt to the evolving labor market conditions.

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