Canada Invited more than 15K Immigrants In October
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Canada Invited more than 15K Immigrants In October

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October did not see a huge improvement in the number of immigrants invited. While the country is trying to make up for the immigration losses suffered during the pandemic, it will be a while before the pre-pandemic levels are restored. The immigration levels are still low, considering that about 25000-35000 immigrants entered Canada every month before the pandemic.

However, there is reason to hope because October 2020 emerged as the second-best month for immigrant arrivals since Canada started battling the coronavirus. Canada welcomed around 15,000 new immigrants in October. The strongest month for immigrants arrivals in Canada after the pandemic was June, during which the country welcomed 19,100 new immigrants.

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The Past and the Future

Canada had admitted 31,000 immigrants in October 2019, and that puts the current situation into perspective. The first ten months of 2020 saw the arrival of around 158,600 immigrants. Canada has always maintained at least 200,000 arrivals a year after 1999, but it seems that the streak is going to break this year. Last year, Canada outdid itself and welcomed more than 341,000 new permanent residents, and 2020 is a sharp contrast to that success. However, one has to consider how far Canada has come in spite of the lockdowns and border restrictions made necessary by the pandemic.

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Over the next few years, Canada plans to invite more immigrants than ever before. Under the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan, the country is planning to welcome more than 400,000 immigrants every year. The idea is to compensate for the low immigration levels of 2020. If Canada is successful, it will create new records in immigration history.

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