Reasons For Immigrants Move To Nova Scotia—And Reasons for Leaving
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Reasons For Immigrants Move To Nova Scotia And Reasons For Leaving

Ashley Shelton



Immigration to Canada

Canadian provinces are popular among immigrants because they offer countless opportunities. Some get more love than the rest, but that does not change the appeal of Canada as a whole.

Nova Scotia is home to hundreds of immigrants who have chosen the province as their home. However, most people look at professional opportunities when choosing whether to stay in Nova Scotia. In the period between 2011 and 2018, 46% of immigrants left the province because of the absence of employment opportunities.

Since this is an issue associated with the province already, people are more careful now. Depending on the availability of jobs, immigrants decide whether to continue living in Nova Scotia.

New Study:

A recent survey conducted in Nova Scotia studied 2,815 immigrants who either chose to live in the province or left at some point. Ather Akbari from Saint Mary’s University created the study for the immigration department.


The problem isn’t just the lack of job opportunities but also the absence of suitable jobs for people with specific skills and training. Nova Scotia could have a higher retainment rate if there were a wider variety of jobs available.

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In the period between 2011 and 2018, 74% of immigrants decided to stay back in Nova Scotia. However, Akbari’s survey predicts that another 10% of candidates could also leave the province in the coming years. The respondents who showed an inclination towards leaving or have already left want to find higher wages and better job opportunities.

Over 40% of people have an economic perspective when assessing if they should live in Nova Scotia. On the other hand, about 60% of candidates rely on social factors.

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