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Know Everything About the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

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Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Canada is a country where different programs are available for Canadian immigration and the process is not simple and can demand a considerable time. These are the four most popular ways for overseas applicants for Canadian immigration in 2022.

Canada’s Express Entry immigration program is one of the fastest and most popular options for newcomers. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the three federal programs under Canada’s Express Entry immigration system.

CEC is an immigration program that permits foreign skilled workers and overseas students, who have experience working in Canada for a minimum of 1 year, to immigrate to Canada permanently. In short, it’s a permanent residence call for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the CEC

Eligibility Check

You are eligible for the CEC if you have met the criteria in the following streams:

1. Must have language abilities in all 4 which are writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Take the required language test as per the level of your job and apply for the CEC application within 2 years of the test attempt.


2. The CEC applicant must have an experience of 1 year of working in a skilled job in Canada. A full-time job or an equal part-time work experience is a required condition under CEC eligibility. 

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3. The candidate is also eligible to apply for CEC if has worked in Canada under not permanent resident status.

Under National Occupation Category (NOC) guidelines, a CEC applicant must have a job experience in NOC 0, A, or B

4. Overseas students from Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) are also eligible and may apply for the CEC after gaining experience of at least 1 year under PGWP.

Get ready with the Documents


Once you have figured out whether you are under eligibility criteria or not, the next step is to directly apply for the CEC, and for that keep your documents always within reach.

Documents required to apply for CEC are:

1. A passport

2. Language Exam Results

3. Canadian Education certificate of Proof


4. Provincial Nomination (If required)

5. Job offer letter/Work-Experience Proof

6. Proof of Funds

Apply for Permanent Residence

For PR application, you need to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Once you get an ITA notification, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada



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