The first francophone university in the province of Ontario.
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The first francophone university in the province of Ontario will start classes from Fall 2021

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province of Ontario

The first francophone university in Ontario is all set to open its doors in downtown Toronto. Students will be able to study courses in programs that will lead to successful careers. This will indirectly boost the Ontario workforce and drive the economy. The university is inviting international students from all over the world to fill up the classrooms. Skilled workers are also in demand as they can form the staff of Ontario’s very first francophone university. One will be able to attend the university after it opens in Toronto during September 2021. Students who attend the Université de l’Ontario français will be able to take up programs on human plurality, urban environments, globalized economy, and digital cultures. The university expects to introduce programs in communications, management, social work, law, and psychology in the next fall after collaborating with partnering institutions. Jason Luckerhoff, the Vice-President of Program and Knowledge Development, has said that they are working in conjunction with the provincial government to make sure that the programs are actually helping provinces like Ontario and Toronto gain the workforce they need in several fields. There is a need for specialized and trained workers in certain industries.

Currently, the administration is building partnerships with institutions in Asia, Africa, and Europe with the aim of gaining the attention of international students. Once these partnerships are finalized, they would allow students to work for credits that would be accepted at both the affiliated institution and the Université de l’Ontario français.

Luckerhoff has said that if students want access to more information to fuel their interest before the official agreements are drawn, they can write to the university or place a call because information regarding the programs is being freely distributed. The process of “intensive hiring” will take place across February, March, and April.

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