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The education ministry in Quebec introduces campaign in order to recruit foreign teachers

Ashley Shelton



The education ministry in Quebec

The education ministry in the Canadian province of Quebec is searching for foreigners who do not work as teachers in their own country but have the potential to be a part of the teaching community. The aim is to provide them with information allowing them to become teachers in Québec instead. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the province has introduced a new online website that has all the necessary information that candidates will need about teacher training in Quebec. The initiative has been particularly aimed at foreigners and Canadians so as to entice more workers to join the field of education.

This announcement was made on 22nd January by Quebec’s Minister of Education and Higher Education, Jean-François Roberge. The brand new website section, named “Devenir enseignant” (Becoming a Teacher), has been merged with the content of the online platform that was already in existence. Immigrants, teachers, adults, and students who do not have a job or those who are thinking of switching their careers can take a look at this new section.

In this virtual space, one will be able to find basic information regarding the teaching profession. Moreover, candidates will also find the description of a teacher’s duties, resources required to landing a job in the field, and even instructions on how to go about obtaining a valid teaching license. The section also contains practical information for teachers who are willing to immigrate to Québec. The foreigners who are interested to come to Quebec in order to teach will find a lot of information about internationally recognized programs that will grant them permission to teach in the province. They will be able to browse through a list of countries whose teaching training will be recognized and also research about the application procedure.

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