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Immigration Announcement

Temporary Residents Might Soon Have Access To New Immigration Pathways

Austin Campbell



Canada Immigration

With the announcement of Canada Immigration Plans for the next year, Canada has made its intention clear of inviting a large number of immigrants in the near future. The goal is to make up for the low numbers this year caused due to the pandemic. Currently, Canada is planning to organize some new permanent residence pathways for international candidates who are already in the country. Marco Mendocino, the Immigration Minister, has remarked that an announcement on this subject is going to come soon.

What does the future look like?

According to the plans, Canada is going to invite more than 400,000 immigrants annually for three years in order to help accelerate the economy. Canada heavily relies on immigration because of its low population and even demographic divisions. Unless skilled immigrants join the labor force and help in economic growth, the Canadian economy could go into limbo very soon in the future.

The fall in the immigration levels has already led to the labor force and the population becoming more stunted. Now that the COVID-19 crisis is slowly alleviating, Canada is trying its hardest to move on and re-establish its previous protocols.

New measures


The immigration minister said that the country is trying to identify pathways via which temporary residents will be able to become permanent residents with such hassle. Temporary foreign workers, international students, and asylum seekers will benefit from any changes made.

At the current rate, Canada might welcome just around 200,000 permanent residents in 2020, which is abysmal when you consider Canada’s situation. The numbers of permanent residents and temporary residents have both fallen drastically as compared to previous years.

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