International Students Can Consult A Guide When Traveling To Canada
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International Students Can Now Consult A Guide When Traveling To Canada

Margaret Cooley



International Students Canada

International students have been struggling ever since the pandemic took control of the world. With all major countries improving travel restrictions, they had to either put their plans on hold, or they had to overcome a series of obstacles in order to make their way to their destination.

Canada has recently emerged as one of the most student-friendly countries in the world. Hence it was really sad for international students who could not come into the country because of border restrictions.

Recent changes:

Whether it be because they could not get their study permit on time or their home country did not deal with the pandemic well, international students had to deal with the possibility that their courses might be entirely online.

However, Canada has recently made some allowances to allow international students to enter the country. Not everyone will be allowed, but the ones who follow all the protocols and meet all the requirements should not face a problem.


New guide:

The federal government recently published an entire guide that will help international students navigate their way around the travel restrictions. In this guide, the government details the roles and duties of the provinces, territories and DLIs so that they can effectively support any international students coming from abroad.

International students or their family members will not be allowed to cross the border if they show any symptoms of COVID-19. This comes as no surprise considering how cautious Canada has been to keep the infection rates low. International students should check if their educational instructions have a coronavirus-readiness plan as that is a mandatory requirement.

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