Quebec’s Proposal to Make French Mandatory for Economic Immigration Programs
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Quebec’s Proposal to Make French Mandatory for Economic Immigration Programs

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Economic Immigration Programs

The Quebec government has put forth a significant proposal, suggesting changes to economic immigration programs. This recent proposal was made by the Quebec government regarding the mandatory requirement of French language skills for all economic immigration programs is rooted in the province’s commitment to preserving and promoting its cultural identity and French-speaking heritage. By making proficiency in French a prerequisite, Quebec aims to ensure that newcomers possess the language skills necessary to integrate successfully into the local society and contribute to its economic growth.

On May 25, the Minister of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration and the Minister of the French Language announced the changes and conveyed that almost everyone in Quebec will comprehend, accept, and strengthen the language of French before immigrating to the province in 2026.  

The changes are made to the skilled workers’ immigration program in Quebec. The Skilled Worker Selection Program according to the government, would consider the diverse needs of Quebec. Candidates for the program will be judged in four areas that have not yet been specified, but according to the province, three of the categories will call for French language proficiency from both the principal applicant and their accompanying spouse. Additionally, there will be changes made to current programs.  Moreover, for family reunification, the guarantor must submit a plan to support the person they are hosting to learn French.

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What Prompted the Changes?

Language proficiency plays a vital role in facilitating effective communication and fostering social integration. Quebec, being the only province in Canada where French is the official language makes the province special. By requiring immigrants to have a good command of the French language, Quebec aims to create an environment where newcomers can readily engage with the local community, access essential services, and form meaningful connections. This linguistic integration can contribute to a sense of belonging and positively impact the overall immigrant experience. Not only this, the province vigorously defends its language, claiming that doing so is essential to preserving Quebec’s distinctive culture and position.

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Immigration To Meet Labor Needs

One of the main themes in the most recent election was immigration. Legault maintained throughout his campaign that Quebec would only accept 50,000 immigrants a year because it would be challenging to assimilate and integrate anymore into Quebec society. Regardless, as the population ages and the birth rate remains low, Quebec, like the rest of Canada, is facing a labor crisis. According to research issued in March by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Quebec might experience a yearly shortage of up to roughly 18,000 immigrants who could meet the province’s labor needs.




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