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Visitors with Valid Job Offers Can Now Obtain Work Permits: IRCC’s Extended Policy

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Obtain Work Permits

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), foreign nationals who apply for a work visa while in Canada can apply for and get a work visa. The temporary public policy from the COVID-19 era that was supposed to expire today has been extended.

An applicant wanting to gain from this temporary public policy must meet certain requirements in order to apply. The requirements are as follows:

  • Possess an active guest visa on the day they apply. possess an employment offer that is either LMIA-exempt or is backed by an LMIA;
  • No later than February 28, 2025, you must submit an application for an employer-specific work permit;
  • Must meet all other established requirements for admission.

If you are recognised as a permanent resident, a written offer of a full-time, non-seasonal work for one year or more is required. Also, in order to be considered legitimate, obtaining a positive or neutral LMIA from Employment and Social Development is required. An employer submits an LMIA to ESDC in order to determine if recruiting foreign workers will have a positive, neutral, or adverse impact on an economy of Canada.

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It is important to note that the company will not be permitted to hire foreign nationals if ESDC determines the impact to be negative. Anyone in Canada with visitor status who had a work permit in the last year but does not presently have one can follow special guidelines to obtain temporary work authorization to begin working for their new company. This must be done before their work permit application is approved.

Before travelling, anybody seeking employment in Canada prior to the initial regulation change was typically required to apply for their work permit. A foreign individual with visitor status would need to leave the country in order to obtain their work permit after landing in Canada. This policy eliminates the need for this action.

Canada with rising job vacancies

When COVID-related travel restrictions were in place and it was difficult for newcomers to enter the country from overseas, the policy was initially adopted to assist firms in Canada fill acute labour needs.

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Canada is making efforts to reduce the labour deficit and fill open positions. Canada’s unemployment rate as of January is 5%, which is low by historical standards. However, according to Statistics Canada statistics from December 2022, there were 848,000 fewer job openings overall than there had been earlier in the year, down from over a million. To fill roles that are in high demand, some important sectors still require more workers. For instance, the following sectors of healthcare and social support industries, lodging and food services, and retail trade industry showed 149,800, 108,000, and 100,200 vacant job vacancies, respectively.


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