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Ontario PNP Draw Invited 1,694 Express Entry Candidates Under the Skilled Trades Stream

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province of Ontario held its fifth draw

Recently, on May 18, 2023, the province of Ontario held its fifth draw and issued Notification of Interest (NOIs) to 1,694 candidates from 46 NOCs. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – OINP held the draw for the candidates having an application under the province’s Express Entry Skilled Trades stream.

The OINP’s current backlog of applications affects the scope and frequency of the Expression of Interest (NOI) selection. The draws are conducted every month having a few exceptions. Also, there is no prediction or announcement related to the dates of selection for the next Ontario on any PNP draw.

Highlights of the Draw – Who was Invited?

Under Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream, a total number of 1,694 potential candidates were invited with a CRS score ranging from 250 – 489. The draw invited candidates with an Express Entry profile that was created between May 18, 2022 – May 18, 2023.

The province conducted a targeted draw that included the following skilled trade occupations:

NOC 72010 – Contractors, supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping, and erecting trades, and other related occupations.
NOC 72011 – Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades, and telecommunications occupations.
NOC 72012 – Contractors and supervisors, pipefitters
NOC 72013 – Contractors and supervisors, carpenters services
NOC 72014 – Contractors and supervisors, construction trades, installers, repairers, and other services
NOC 72020 – Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades.
NOC 72021 – Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator servicemen.
NOC 72022 – Supervisors, printing, and others
NOC 72024 – Supervisors, motor transport, and ground transit operators.
NOC 72101 – Tool & die – makers
NOC 72102 – Sheet metal workers.
NOC 72103 – Boilermakers.
NOC 72104 – Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitting services
NOC 72105 – Ironworkers.
NOC 72106 – Welders and machine-related operators.
NOC 72200 – Electricians (except industrial and power systems).
NOC 72203 – Electrical power line and cable workers.
NOC 72300 – Plumbers.
NOC 72301 – Steamfitters, pipefitters, and sprinkler system installers.
NOC 72320 – Bricklayers.
NOC 72321 – Insulators.
NOC 72400 – Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics.
NOC 72401 – Heavy-duty equipment mechanics.
NOC 72402 – Heating, refrigerating, and air conditioning mechanics.
NOC 72403 – Railway car men and women.
NOC 72404 – Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors.
NOC 72406 – Elevator constructors and mechanics.
NOC 72422 – Electrical Mechanics.
NOC 72423 – Motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, and other related mechanics.
NOC 72500 – Crane operators.
NOC 73100 – Concrete finishers.
NOC 73101 – Tilefixers or setters.
NOC 73102 – Plasterers, drywall installers and finishers, and lathers.
NOC 73110 – Roofers and shinglers.
NOC 73111 – Glaziers.
NOC 73112 – Painters and decorators (does not include interior decorators).
NOC 73200 – Residential and commercial installers and servicers.
NOC 73201 – Building maintenance workers and superintendents.
NOC 73209 – Other repairers and servicers.
NOC 73400 – Heavy equipment operators.
NOC 82031 – Contractors & supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance, and horticulture services.


Here’s a Guide to Immigrating to Ontario in 2023

The PNP of Ontario is designed for foreign individuals who are looking to immigrate to Canada and settle in the province of Ontario. The program is created to satisfy the demands of the province’s labor market and promote economic development.

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The program has a total of five streams for potential candidates:

  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • International Student Stream
  • In-Demand Skills Stream
  • Masters Graduate Stream
  • Ph.D. Graduate Stream

For provincial immigration, OINP uses the Expression of Interest (EOI) system to identify potential applicants who match the criteria and standards for eligibility for the various immigration streams. Candidates are then sent an Invitation to Apply (ITA). However, just getting an invitation to apply (ITA) does not grant you admission to the OINP streams. If you have an ITA to apply for Canada PR updates and you meet the requirements for the stream specified in your ITA, you can submit your application online. Once you receive the invitation to apply (ITA), you have to submit the PR application within 14 days.

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