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A Brief Overview of Express Entry’s Tie-Breaking Rule in Canada

Austin Campbell



Express Entry tie-breaking

Express Entry is the most famous immigration route for foreign skilled workers according to the Canadian federal government. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced a tie-breaking rule that is based on the date and time.

According to the rule, the profiles that were first submitted to the Express Entry pool are used to rank and choose between Express Entry candidates with the same Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. As a result of this rule, IRCC has provided a cut-off date and time for each Express Entry draw held. Every applicant with a CRS score higher than the minimum requirement for a specific draw and submitted a profile by the deadline (PR) will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

The Current Case of The Tie-Breaking Rule: Express Entry Draw

The most recent January 18, 2023, Express Entry draw serves as the best illustration of the rule. In this draw, IRCC issued a total of 5,550 ITAs with a minimum CRS score requirement of 490. The tie-breaking procedure’s date and time were noted as November 24, 2022, at 21:14:59 UTC.  In this instance, the group that received an ITA during that draw included applicants who had a CRS score of 490 or higher and completed their Express Entry profile before the aforementioned cut-off.

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The 3 Most Crucial Facts About the Tie-Breaking Rule

There are still a few key points for Express Entry candidates to consider despite the tie-breaking rule.

No Preference is Given to a Candidate’s CRS Score in the Tie-Breaking Process

The fundamental deciding factor in the draw is still the CRS score in which the candidates are ranked against each other. The purpose of the rule is to simply separate the candidates with the same CRS score by a tiebreaker.


An Express Entry Profile Update or Modification Does Not Change the Time Stamp of the Original Submission

When a candidate updates a profile with new language test results or an Educational Credential Assessment, the submission timestamp connected with that candidate’s Express Entry profile will not change. In reality, there is just one situation in which a candidate’s profile submission timestamp will alter.

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The Profile Submission Timestamp Will Change When You Delete and Reapply For Express Entry With a New Profile

Express Entry profile submission timestamps do not carry over identity-based information. Suppose someone applied for Express Entry, deleted their profile, and then reapplied at a later date and time, the time and date would be reflected in the record of their submission.

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