Process to Sponsor Your Spouse Partner from India
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Process To Sponsor Your Spouse Partner From India

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Process To Sponsor Your Spouse Partner From India

Looking forward to reuniting with your spouse from India after all the troubles caused by the pandemic? Sponsoring your spouse could be your solution to never being away from them ever again. If your spouse becomes a permanent resident of Canada, they will be able to stay and establish a career in the country. Moreover, they can have access to all necessary social and medical services.

If you happen to be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, you will be allowed to sponsor your Indian partner by IRCC. You can volunteer to be a sponsor if you are married to them or you are common-law partners.


You don’t need to have a financial threshold in order to apply for spousal sponsorship, however, you must show that you will be able to support your family financially if the situation arises. Your income or savings will count when it comes to your financial ability. IRCC will also evaluate your partner as to whether they are eligible for permanent citizenship.

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IRCC will want to test if your relationship with your partner is genuine. You have to present the required documents such as a marriage certificate or documented proof of your cohabitation.

In order to initiate the sponsorship process, you will have to submit two different applications. You have to fill the sponsorship form while your partner will have to apply for permanent resident status. Pay the family sponsorship application fee and then you just have to wait for IRCC to process your application. Usually, IRCC takes about a year to do so.

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