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Ontario PNP Draw Issued 14 ITAs to Candidates Under the Entrepreneur Stream

Austin Campbell



Ontario PNP Draw

Recently, on May 12, 2023, the province of Ontario held a new PNP draw and issued ITAs to 14 candidates. The province invited candidates under the Entrepreneur category that aims to welcome businessmen and entrepreneurs to invest in a business in the province.

Highlights of the Draw – Who Was Invited?

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program held a new PNP draw and issued invitations to 14 candidates with a CRS score ranging between 135 and 178. The province conducted a draw under the Entrepreneur stream.

Here’s a Guide to Immigrating to Ontario in 2023: Ontario Entrepreneur Stream

Ontario’s Entrepreneur stream facilitates the recruitment of business professionals and entrepreneurs who intend to establish and invest in a business in the province.

OINP utilizes the Expression of Interest (EOI) system in order to determine which potential candidates meet the requirements and eligibility standards for this immigration stream.

An Invitation to Apply (ITA), however, does not automatically entitle you to one of the OINP streams. If you meet the requirements for the stream listed in your ITA and have obtained an ITA to apply for Canada PR updates, only then you may submit your application online. After getting the invitation to apply, you have 14 days to submit your Canada PR application.


Benefits of Immigrating to Ontario as an Entrepreneur

Immigration to Ontario as an Entrepreneur comes with several benefits. The place and perks make it an ideal destination for businessmen seeking new opportunities.

  • Robust Economy: One of the most diverse economies in Canadian provinces has Ontario. It offers a wide range of business opportunities across various sectors. From stability to a supportive place for immigrants, the province is a favorable destination for professionals to thrive.
  • Easy Access to Markets: The province provides entrepreneurs with easy access to domestic and international markets.
  • Skilled Labour Workforce: The workforce in Ontario is highly qualified and educated, which can help entrepreneurs succeed. The province is home to a number of prestigious universities and colleges, giving access to a talent pool.
  • Government Support: The Ontario government offers a number of services and support programs to help company owners launch and expand their operations. These programs offer mentorship opportunities, financial initiatives, and company development services.