International Students Continue to Come to Canada
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International Students Continue to Come to Canada

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International Students Canada

The past two-three years have significantly been primary recruitment years for international students in Canada. In 2020, more than 404,000 students got their approved study permits by the government of Canada.

According to statistics, the international student population of Canada has shown a significant increase and has undergone a three-fold rise since the past decade. Following the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, with an international student population of about 6,00,000,  Canada is at the fourth position of the global charts of the international student population.

This study permit allows the student or candidate to carry on with their education from a designated institution in Canada. The IRCC or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada issue these permits.

In 2019 securing the top position of international student sources, India got about 140,000 or 35% of the total permits for the Indian students.

Following India, there is China with around 85,000 study permits for students this academic year and South Korea with 17,000 permits.


The other leading countries whose students receive study permits for learning in Canada are France, Vietnam, Brazil, Iraq, Nigeria, the United States, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Colombia.

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The Canadian Bureau for education says that apart from Canada’s excellent reputation of being a very welcoming and open-minded society, students from all over the world are majorly attracted to the Canadian education system because of three main reasons.

Firstly, due to the variety of competitive packages and the quality of education, they have to offer, secondly, because of a substantially lower tuition fee. The third and most important reason is that in Canada, students have the option of study-work-immigrate.

It means that students, to support themselves during their study course, can apply for jobs within the territory. They also have options of applying for more than 80 types of economic class immigration programs and as well as post-graduation work permits within the country.

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