Northern Lights: A Guide to Nature's Own Light Show in Canada
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Northern Lights: A Guide to Nature’s Own Light Show in Canada

Austin Campbell



Northern Lights A Guide to Nature's Own Light Show in Canada

Throughout the vast expanse of Canada, the sight of the Northern Lights graces the night sky, and onlookers wait for over 300 nights each year. Whether nestled in the heart of Manitoba or Calgary, the cosmic dance of the auroras remains a mesmerizing phenomenon.

In a stunning presentation, celestial marvels will be seen in various cities and provinces. A brief guide is provided below!

Manitoba, Churchill—Heaven with Attractions All-Year

Sitting in the heart of Manitoba, Churchill is a hidden gem where the Northern Lights grace the sky more than 300 nights a year. This charming village, which has about 800-900 inhabitants, has become an arena for those chasing after northern lights.

During its origins as a military place during the Cold War era; nonetheless, Churchill was transformed into a calm town populated at one time by approximately five thousand people. This place’s economic strength is based on incursions of Aurora Borealis that are combined with beluga whales and polar bears; but this demonstrates deep-rooted historical aspects.

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Located strategically within the Auroral Oval, Churchill ensures an amazing celestial display. In Canada experiences more than 300 aurora nights, and conditions for observing the stunning cosmic phenomenon are perfect especially in February and March during winter months.


Tours and Living Costs

  • Flight prices to Churchill vary from $500 to $1000 depending on the time of year and your place of departure.
  • For accommodation, you may choose from either a cozy cabin or an extravagant lodge depending on your choice albeit nothing more than 400 dollars and not less than 150$ per night.
  • Fees for Northern Lights tours start at fifty dollars each person up to one hundred fifty dollars providing the best guides who take guests to places where they can see them more clearly.
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  • To avoid being cold you could wear many layers that include thermal underwear, thermos flask, gloves among others all under a nice warm jacket.
  • Use a DSLR camera equipped with a tough tripod which gives opportunity for long exposure capturing of the sceneries before you.
  • Get an aurora prediction app so as not to miss out at that peak moment when it happens.

This isn’t just a one-season wonder. As the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill attracts enthusiasts with polar bear expeditions in autumn. During the summer months, witness the largest beluga whale migration globally as playful pods navigate the Churchill River estuary.

Often referred to as the “accessible Arctic,” Churchill is reachable by air or rail. Whether you choose a flight or a train, Churchill comes to life with 500 wildflowers and a rich diversity of over 225 bird species.

The Night Sky in Calgary

The magical mystery of Calgary’s night sky, and the elusive green Lights paint a celestial masterpiece that captivates onlookers.

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Anticipation for the unexpected show can be increased by keeping an eye on Kp index which measures geomagnetic activity hence increasing the chances of having an unforgettable moment. Even within Calgary, from the northern neighborhoods to picturesque spots like Edworthy Park, the auroras paint beautiful lights on the night sky. These celestial lights are always green in color but they have an enchanting dance of colors that bring magical touch to the northern skyline.

Travel Costs and Accommodation

  • Calgary has hotels that suit all pockets ranging between USD 100 and USD 250 per night.
  • If by any case you decide travelling through car, then consider gas cost. On average round trip flights go from about $300-$700 on airfare if one chooses flying.


  • Find a reclining chair or blanket in this dark environment away from artificial lights far away and just watch southern lights in awe.
  • While waiting for Northern Lights use Constellations Guide app for iPhone/iPad or Android apps (Google Play) or StarWalk (iOS/Android).
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